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Paid Expired Gallery Extensions


New for Sytist version 3.0 are paid gallery extensions for expired galleries. With this option enabled and when someone visits an expired gallery they will be prompt with the option to purchase access to the gallery.

This option is located in the Expires option when editing a gallery. 


The amount they have to pay to access the gallery.

Account Credit (optional)
A credit amount to apply to the customer's account that can be used to purchase products.

Download Credits (optional) 
Add download credits to the customer's account that can be used to download photos. You will need to assign credit values to your download products to use this. More about download credits.  

How many days to extend (required)
The number of days the customer will have access to the gallery. 

Extend Gallery Expiration or Individual Access
"Extend Gallery Expiration" will change the expiration date of the gallery to the how many days to extend setting.

"Individual Access" will not change the expiration date but will only give the person purchasing access access to the gallery. 

Setting defaults when creating new galleries
Edit the section your galleries are in (edit under the section/category name in the left menu of the Site Content are of the admin), click the "Defaults" option. Select "Gallery or Page Expiration". There you can see these values as default when creating new galleries. 

The default message is: "Sorry, but this gallery has expired. You can purchase an extension of [EXTENSION_DAYS] days for [EXTENSION_PRICE]. Once payment is made it will immediately become available."

The bracket codes [EXTENSION_DAYS] and [EXTENSION_PRICE] are automatically replaced with the values in the settings of the gallery extension.


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