Password Protecting Sub Galleries - CSV File

An alternative to password protecting sub galleries is password protecting individual photos in a gallery.

Whether you upload sub folders to create sub galleries in the standard photo uploader or FTP, you can create a CSV file (which is just a spreadsheet saved as a text file ... Comma-Separated Values) that contains the folder names and passwords.

If you uploaded photos via FTP, you will save your CSV file named "passwords.csv" and put it in the main folder you are uploading.

If you have uploaded sub galleries with the standard uploader, you will upload it while in the Photos tab after the photos have been uploaded (Import Sub Gallery Passwords tab). 

CSV File Format

There are 2 columns / headers you must have in the CSV file: FOLDER & PASSWORD. You can have other columns, but these are the only 2 used.

The folder column contains the name of the folder and the password column contains the password.

Folder Names

The folder names you have in the spread sheet must exactly match the folders you are uploading. Example: say you are uploading sub galleries to a gallery called "My Gallery" . You would upload the folder My Gallery. 

Folder structure:

My Gallery
My Gallery -> Sub Folder One
MY Gallery -> Sub Folder Two
My Gallery -> Sub Folder Three

Your spreadsheet would look like this: 

Sub Folder One,password1
Sub Folder Two,password2
Sub Folder Three,password3

For second level sub galleries, you will need to separate the folder names with a forward slash (/). Example: you are uploading photos from a school session and need to break down by grade then child. 

Your folder structure to upload will look like this (note the main folder name is not included):

FWB School
FWB School -> Grade 4
FWB School -> Grade 4 -> Billy Clinton
FWB School -> Grade 4 -> Robin Meade
FWB School -> Grade 5
FWB School -> Grade 5 -> Jimmy Cantore
FWB School -> Grade 5 -> Jenny Jenny
FWB School -> Grade 6
FWB School -> Grade 6 -> Ralphie Macchio
FWB School -> Grade 6 -> Willie Ferrell

Your spreadsheet would look like this (note the main folder name is not included):

Grade 4,
Grade 4 / Billy Clinton, password1
Grade 4 / Robin Meade, password2
Grade 5,
Grade 5 / Jimmy Cantore, password3
Grade 5 / Jenny Jenny, password4
Grade 6,
Grade 6 / Ralphie Macchio, password5
Grade 6 / Willie Ferrell, password6

Example File

You can download an example of folders and password file here.

Unzip the that zip file to your computer. You will see an Elementary folder and inside that folder sub folders for Teacher A and Teacher B .... then inside those folders what would be the child names (Child A, Child B, etc ... ).

The passwords.csv file you can create in something like excel and you would export it as a CSV file. You can use the one included in the zip file as an example.

In this example if you are uploading via FTP,  you would upload the Elementary folder to your sy-upload folder then go to the gallery you want them in, click Upload Photos then select this folder to process.

If you are uploading with the standard uploader, you would select and upload the Elementary folder.


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