Sytist Client Gallery & Photo Selling Features

Sell photo prints

Sell Prints

Create the sizes & types of prints want to offer like 5x7, 8x10, canvas, etc... and set your own prices. Create options for your products & Image Options such as retouching fees.

You can also create a download option which will allow them to purchase a download file for an additional fee when purchasing the print.

Sell download photos

Sell Downloads

Your customers can purchase download photos which can be instantly downloaded once the order is completed or delayed if you want to replace the file before they download. You can offer different size downloads at different prices.

If multiple downloads are purchased on an order, they can be downloaded in zip files.

Sell photo packages & collections

Collections / Packages

Create photo collections / packages of prints and / or downloads. Collections offer many features such as:

  • Limiting the amount of poses that can be selected for the collection.
  • Create a collection that includes other collections.
  • "Extra Photos" option. This allows the customer to purchase additional photos from the collection at an additional price. You can charge more for an extra photo if that poses has not already been selected.
  • Include a "credit". This is a dollar amount included in a collection that can be used to purchase a la cart photos.

Coupons & discounting

Coupons, Discounting & Specials

Offer coupons that have variable discounts. Example, 10% off on orders up to $99.99, 15% on orders $100 - $199.99, 20% off on orders over $200.

You can also create an Early Bird Special on galleries that if they order before a certain date, they get a discount. This is also a variable discount like the coupons.

Offer quantity discounts on prints & downloads so the more they purchase the more they can save.

Pre-sell packages

Pre-Sell Collections / Packages

Sell packages before the photos are ready. You can have a list of packages available for purchase in advanced. When a customer purchases a prepaid package, once the gallery is live, you can notify them and then they can select the photos for their prepaid package.

Buy all photos in a gallery

Buy All Photos

Buy Alls are collections that are used to buy all photos in a gallery, sub gallery, from favorites or a search term. For example, this can be used to purchase all photos as a download or print.

Unlimited price lists

Unlimited Price Lists

Create price lists with different products & pricing. This is useful if you have different set of products or price points for different types of photography. When creating a new gallery you select which price list to use for that gallery. You can also assign a price list to a customer so what ever they purchase will be at that price list overriding the price list assigned to a gallery. More options on a per price list basis like minimum order amount, image options, additional fields at checkout, etc...

Print Credits

Print Credits

A Print Credit is a collection of photos, just like a collection (package), that a customer can redeem at no charge and select photos for.

With print credits, you will issue them a code to use to redeem the print credit. Once they redeem it they will select the photos for the print credit.

Private galleries or public galleries

Private & Public Galleries

You can make a gallery public where anyone can access it or private where a password is required to view. You can also password protect individual sub galleries as well.

Paid access

Paid Access

This feature requires someone to purchase access to view the gallery. You can also set a credit amount they can use to purchase products with if they purchase access.

Pre-register for galleries


You can make a gallery set to Pre-Registration status and the gallery is shown on the website, but when visited, they can enter in their name and email address to be notified when the gallery becomes available.

Free photo downloads

Free Downloads

Optionally offer free downloads to your customers. With the free downloads you have the options to watermark the downloaded photo, add a logo to it and make restrictions to how many photos they can download for free and if they have to be logged into their account in order to download a photo for free.

Customer favorites


Option to allow your customers to add photos to their favorites. You can also view & export their favorites from the admin area.

Customer cropping

Customer Cropping

For prints you can offer the option for the customer to select their own cropping. If you have that enabled, when they add a photo to their cart, they have the option to adjust the crop for it. They can also adjust the crop from the view cart page.

Required products

Require Product Selection

In the price lists you create product groups and you can require the customer to select a product from a required product group before adding other items to their shopping cart. An example of this would be the customer must add a collection to their shopping cart before they can purchase a la cart.

Watermark your photos


With all photos you upload to Sytist, you have the option to watermark the photos when they are uploaded. There is also an option to add a logo to the photos.

Compare photos

Compare Photos

Allow your customers to select multiple photos to compare side by side on the screen.

Search photos

Photo Searching

People can search within galleries for photos based on key words. Also a cool feature where people can view all tags of photos in a gallery and click on the tag.

Sell on mobile, tablets and descktops

Sell On All Devices

Sytist is designed to be compatible on all devices and your customers can purchase prints, downloads, collections, products & services from a computer, tablet or phone.

Account credits

Account Credits

Add a credit to a customer's account that can be used to purchase products. When a customer has a credit on their account, it will come off the order like money. If their is left over credit, it will remain in their account. You can also set an expiration date for the account credits.

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