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Early Bird Special

As of Sytist version 0.7.2, you can offer and Early Bird Special with a variable discount system on client galleries. This will give them a discount if they purchase before a certain date. Once the early bird special expires, the discount will not be offered.

When viewing a client gallery page in the admin, you will see an Early Bird tab. Click that tab to create or edit the early bird special. 

You can adjust the discount percentages based on cart total to offer more of a discount if they purchase more. This works just like a coupon. 

In the description, enter in [DATE] to display the expiration date and [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT] to display the discounting. You can also edit it to change it up as you like.

After you have created your first early bird special, the next on you create will use the same discounting structure as the last by default. 

To set the default amount of days to offer the early bird special, edit the section for your client galleries (Site Content - > Edit under the section or category name in the left menu). 

The description you enter in for the early bird special will be shown at the top of the gallery page. The styling is taken from your them for what you have set for the "Cart / Page Listing" section. But you can change that up by entering in code in the Additional CSS section of your theme.

The CSS ID for the message container is #ebmessage. So you could change it like something like this: 

#ebmessage {
	background-color: #54B93E;
	border: 1px solid #2A9B11;
	border-radius: 2px; 
	color: #FFFFFF;
	padding: 16px;
	text-align: center;
#ebmessage h3 { color: #FFFFFF; }

This would produce a style like this:

Purchase your photos before Novl 12, 2014 and receive a discount on orders $0 - $49.99 10.00% off, $50 - $99.99 15.00% off, $100 or more 20.00% off.


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