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Hosting Photos on Amazon S3

Hosting photos on Amazon S3 is very inexpensive and delivers the photos quickly.  (This option not available with Sytist Hosted, only when hosting Sytist yourself.)

How to set it up

Create an Amazon S3 account
First you need an Amazon S3 account. You can create one here:

Once you have created an account and logged in, in the AWS section go to S3 under "Storage & Content Delivery ".

Get your security credentials

You will need to enter in this information in your Sytist admin in Settings -> Photo Settings. Do this by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the AWS console. Click on Access Keys and get your Access Key & Secrete Key. After you create an access key, download the file and save it to your computer. Open it in a text editor like note pad.

You will see 2 lines like this. You will use the content after the = sign


Create a bucket

A bucket is basically a folder in your Amazon S3 account that photos will be stored in.

1) Click Create Bucket from the main Amazon S3 page.

2) Enter in a bucket name & Select a region. The bucket is basically a folder and give it a name unique to you.

When selecting a region refer to this page and select a region that supports Signature Version 2. The right column will show you which regions do.

3) Click Next. Under Configuration Options you can leave the settings as they are.

4) Click Next. Under "Manage public permissions" select "Grant public read access to this bucket"

5) Click next then click Create Bucket.

In Sytist, go to Settings -> Photo Settings
Under Amazon S3, enter in your access key, secrete key, bucket name and end point. Refer to this page to get the endpoint for your bucket

When entering your endpoint, do not add the http at the beginning or a trailing slash. 

Check the Enable Amazon S3 box and update settings. 

Be sure to test by uploading just a few photos before uploading or moving a lot of photos.

Moving Photos to Amazon S3

There are 2 ways to move photos to Amazon S3.

1) In the upload photos dialog window, there is a option to move the photos to Amazon S3 after they upload. This will slow down the upload process slightly because once a photo is process (watermarked, resized, etc...) it then moves the photo over to S3 then deletes the created photo files from your server. 

2) When viewing photos in the Photos tab of a page in the admin, there is a Move to Amazon S3 button. That will open a window where you can move existing photos to S3. This will move the existing photos to S3 and delete those files from your server. 

There is also an option to move photos to S3 in the tray when selecting photos with the check-boxes.


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