Generate QR codes that contain a photo passcode to photograph when photographing subjects that automatically password protects the subjects' photos in the gallery. 


  • You photograph students at a school and each student will need their own unique passcode to view just their photos.
  • You photograph a sports team and each athlete will need their  own unique passcode to view just their photos. 
  • You photograph subjects onsite at an event and give them a printout of their passcode to view their images.

The printed out QR codes can also be scanned by the customer with their phone which will take them directly to their photos. The printouts also contain additional information on viewing their photos. 

You don't need any special software for this to work. Sytist generates everything. 

This will work whether or not you have subject data ahead of time (subject name, contact information, etc...).


The basics on how it works:

1) You create the job / gallery in Sytist as a QR Passcode gallery.

2) Import subject data if you have it

3) Print out the QR codes. You can alternatively display them on a mobile device

4) Photograph the subjects. You photograph the subject's QR code first then the subject and so on.

5) Upload and verify photos

6) Notify the customers that the photos are ready.

QR Passcodes Manual Links

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