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Using The Green Screen Photos Feature

Starting with Sytist version 0.8.8 is the ability to sell green screen photos. You can upload different backgrounds for the customers to view their photos on. Here is an example of this feature in the demo.

Background Photos

First thing you need to do is upload your backgrounds for the green screen photos.

Go to Settings -> Photo Settings and click the link to manage your backgrounds.

Click Create Background Folders and enter in a folder name or names. You can create as many different folders as you like.

When you create a gallery for green screen photos, you will select which folder of backgrounds to use for that gallery. This allows you to have different sets of backgrounds available.

Upload your background files (JPG) to those folders.

Preparing your photos

You will need to remove the green background from the green screen photos and save them as transparent PNG files prior to uploading them to your galleries. You will upload the photos as you normally would any other gallery.

Do not make the photo dimensions  too large as transparent PNG files can get quite large in file size. 1400 pixels on the longest side should be a good size.

Client Viewing

When the customer is viewing their photos, they will have the option to view their photo with the various backgrounds you have in the background folder select for the gallery.

When they add to cart, it will add the photo & background currently selected to cart and also generate a thumbnail photo of the photo and background.

The orders will show you the photo & background selected.

Downloading Photos

Customers can download the photos applied to the background as paid or free downloads. However, if your photo files (PNG) and backgrounds are really large, the server may have issues trying to generate those files. If you want to offer large download photos, you will need to experiment with the photo sizes. Keep in mind it is the server memory & CPU that can be limited when generating the photos.

Replacing Photos on an Order

If you replace a photo on an order, it will remove the generated thumbnail from the order and use the new one you upload. And if it is a download photo, the customer will download the file you uploaded as the replacement.

Current Limitations

  • Galleries using green screen has to use the "stacked" thumbnail display. Sytist will force it to use that option.
  • You are unable to offer B&W / filter previews with green screen.
  • Customer cropping is not available with green screen photos.
  • Social sharing of photos will not share with the background applied to the photos.
  • Compare photos will not show the background when comparing and will only show the transparent PNG file.


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