Forms are used for visitors to fill out and the results are emailed to you. The most common use of forms is for a contact us form. To access the forms, select Forms in the main menu of your Sytist admin.

Adding a Form to a Page

Once you have created a form it will need to be added to a page on the website. For example, you have created a contact form. To create a contact us page go to Site Content -> Top Level Pages and add a new top level page for Contact Us.

There are 2 ways to add a form to the page.

1) While editing that page you will need to put in the bracket code [FORM] in the text editor where you want the form to appear. Then underneath the text editor select the "Add a Form" option. There you will select the form you want to be displayed on the page where you have entered [FORM].

2) Using the page designer to edit the page, select Add Design Element -> Dynamic Content & Forms (you may have to scroll down to get that option) then drag a form element to the page. Then you will select the form to display in the row settings. 

Form Fields

These are the different types of fields that can be added to a form for a visitor fill out or select an answer. 

Text Field

Your standard one line of text to be entered. 

Email (Important)

The email option is just like a text field but this tell them form this is the email address you will need to reply to.


The name option is just like a text field but this tell them form this is the name of the person filling out the form and the name the email is sent from.


A textarea field accepts multiple lines of text.

Drop-Down Menu

This menu opens up to select one option from the list of options you will enter.

Radio Buttons


Radio buttons also offer multiple choices to select one from but display all options on the page. 


The checkbox option is either on or off. 

Multi Checkbox (New for 3.7)

The multi checkbox option the visitor can select multiple choices from the available options. 


This will add a field for the visitor to enter a date selecting from the date picker. 

Info / Text

This is used if you want to add just text between form fields. There is no form field option with this one.

Form Options

Options when creating & editing form settings.


The name of the form for your reference.

Email Results To

This is the email address or email addresses you want the results of the form submission sent to.

Email Subject

The subject of the email you receive with the form results. 

Submit Button Text

The text shown on the button the visitor clicks to submit the form.


How many columns to have the form fields in. You can have them all in one column or split into two columns.

Maximum Width

This is the max width of the form itself. 800 is recommended. 

Success Message

The message shown to the visitor after they have submitted the form.

Redirect URL

Instead of displaying the success message, you can have the visitor redirected to another page.

Invalid Email Message

The message shown to the visitor if they try to submit the form with the email address formatted incorrectly. 

Enable simple math question to answer to help prevent spam bots

Checking this option will display a simple math question the visitor will have to answer to submit the form. This is to help prevent spam bots from submitting the form.

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