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Pre-Sell Packages Without Photos Being Selected

Here is how to sell packages where no photos are going to be selected for the packages. To pre-sell packages where the customers will return after the photos become available and then select photos, see this article.

1) Go to Site Content -> Create New Section. In the new section wizard, select Buy Page. Name the new section something like Packages and create.

2) For each package you want to offer, you will create a new product.

3) Enter in the product name, price, description of what comes in the package and set to Publish.

Product Type: 

  • If this is a package you will be mailing or need to charge shipping, for Product Type select Psychical product to be shipped. 
  • If there will be no shipping options, then set the Product Type to Service.

4) Once you have your packages set, click the +menu link under the section name in the left menu to add this to your main menu of your website.

Your customers will use that link to view the packages and add to cart from there. Will look something like this: 

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