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3.9.5 June 1, 2021
Another follow-up update  to the 3.9 release

  • Fixed image options in collections added in the 3.9 update doubling the price in cart.

3.9.4 May 13, 2021
Another follow-up update  to the 3.9 release

  • Fixed missing remove photo from package link. 

3.9.3 May 6, 2021
Another follow-up update  to the 3.9 release

  • Fixed when a price list is set to use a buy icon to display the products instead of automatically displaying them on a computer it not showing the products on mobile view.

3.9.2 May 5, 2021

  • Fixed the new PayPal checkout (Smart Buttons) not working.
  • Fixed the new feature when viewing the sent & received text messages not showing the account the phone number might belong too in some cases (when phone numbers have -).
  • Fixed orders with greenscreen photos selected for selection only collections not downloading the photos from the admin with the background.

3.9.1 April 29, 2021

  • Fixed an error with Square payments happening in some cases.

3.9.0 April 28, 2021

  • Added reCAPTCHA V2 option to protect forms from spam and malicious bots. (Manual)
  • Updated Square payment option for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). (More info)
  • Added PayPal Checkout / Smart Buttons payment option (separate from the Standard Business option). (Manual)
  • Added graphic options for the additional order fields at checkout in your price lists which can be used to have customers select a greenscreen background photo on pre-orders for example.
  • Added to batch editing pages / galleries: shipping group & paid gallery extensions in the expiration date area.
  • Added the option for Image Options for photos in collections. The option can be selected when editing the image options in your price lists (not selected by default). 
  • Added the option to not use image options on a per collection basis if image options are available. 
  • Added the option to make booking services discountable or not. 
  • Added a message "Click or tap the thumbnail photo below to view." when there is only 1 photo available in a gallery.
  • Added "single photo centered" option in the standard photos design element in the page designer.
  • Added an automatic scroll down to available times for special events in the booking calendar in case there is a long list of available dates.
  • Added when adding a photo or graphic to a booking calendar confirmation and reminder email to use the full URL to the file instead of a relative one.
  • Added when viewing the sent & received text messages in the stats links to the accounts the number may belong to.
  • Added trimming whitespaces (blank spaces) from the beginning and end of fields when saving payment options. 
  • Added a delete icon next to download credit pricing to delete the pricing. 
  • Added an option to make the purchase of download credits discountable with a coupon or not.
  • Added the ability to delete individual products from cart when viewing customer carts in the admin. 
  • Added to order products export if more than 1 quantity of a package is purchased the exported products will reflect that. Example if someone purchases 3 of package A and that includes 1 5x7, the exported quantity will show 3. 
  • Added the ability to download purchased greenscreen photos with the backgrounds from the admin order view
  • Changed the "add photo" link to a button when adding photos to a collection and moved it below any options. 
  • Made adjustments to order view on mobile so quantity is not squished against the extended price
  • Moved the main search form in the admin from the main menu to the header.
  • Added the main search form in the admin to the mobile view in the header
  • Moved the administrators link from the header to the main menu
  • Added a check to see if the ZIP functions are enabled in PHP when attempting to apply an update from the admin (will go into effect the next update).
  • Fixed when you have a product group set to require a selection before you can purchase other products and someone changes the quantity to 0 in the cart for the required product instead of clicking remove it not deleting products from the other product groups added to cart.
  • Fixed mobile viewing and just free downloads in the gallery showing  "scroll down to view products" when there are none. 
  • Fixed when adding a collection to cart that includes other collections that is in a required product group then adding products from other product groups then removing the first collection not removing the products from the other product groups.
  • Fixed when using sub products for a store item and having the same photo added to multiple sub product options it not changing the photo for products past the first main option.
  • Fixed  Stock Photos - when the section has meta data it is overwriting the metadata when viewing a photos. 
  • Fixed with extra photo / extra new photo in collections not getting sale price if sale is enabled in the price list. 
  • Fixed photos from archived orders not displaying the icon under the thumbnail for the number of purchases.
  • Fixed error "Incorrect DATETIME value" in some cases in Stats -> Recent Visitors 
  • Fixed bug when the uploader is set to select folders for sub galleries unable to adjust wall designer frames. 
  • Fixed error when a keyword is added to a photo in a stock section than contains an apostrophe and that keyword is selected for a category.

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