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4.5.5 - July 18, 2023
4.5 Follow-up update. See 4.5 below for all changes

  • Fixed in some cases depending on settings orders with just downloads coming through without payment.

4.5.4 - July 14, 2023
4.5 Follow-up update. See 4.5 below for all changes

  • Fixed PayPal checkout not working when paying invoices.
  • Added a Pay Later to funding source tag with PayPal Checkout script source to see if it forces Pay Later for users outside of the USA .

4.5.3 - July 12, 2023
4.5 Follow-up update. See 4.5 below for all changes

  • Added customer address with data sent with PayPal checkout payments. 
  • Made more  tweaks to the new export option to deal with many product options and fixed showing more than should be for quantity in some cases.
  • Fixed when importing passcodes for a passcode photos gallery adding the filename under the thumbnail multiple times when not importing the extra data. 

4.5.2 - July 9, 2023
4.5 Follow-up update. See 4.5 below for all changes

  • Fixed single pose collections with multiple image options only getting 1 image option added to cart. 
  • Fixed new product export option when displaying all products on export (including 0 quantity) not putting the product quantity in the correct column.
  • Fixed new product export option showing multiples of the same image on the same order for each product option .
  • Added the option to label columns in the new export either the SKU or product name. 

4.5.1 - July 7, 2023
4.5 follow-up update

  • Fixed error with PayPal checkout and PHP 8

4.5 - July 3, 2023
Forum post on this update

  • Added a new way to export purchased photo products from orders where there is a column for each product and the quantity for those for each photo. Learn more.
  • Added VENMO option with PayPal checkout. 
  • [Passcode Photos] Added the option to import email addresses and names for Passcode Photos galleries which can be used to send out gallery invite emails which includes the passcodes
  • [Passcode Photos] Add the option to automatically generate passwords for the passcode photos feature. 
  • [Passcode Photos] Added for a gallery owner to be able to see all photos in a Passcode Photos gallery without any passwords. Gallery owner option when editing a gallery.
  • [Passcode Photos] Added a new default invite to view gallery email for passcode photos gallery that will sent out indiviual passcodes. ONLY for passcodes imported via CSV file.
  • [Passcode Photos] Added the option to clear all passcodes from the photos in a passcode gallery in the Passcode tab dialog. 
  • Learn more about the updates with Passcode Photos.
  • Changed the calculation of the sales for a gallery to the complete total that includes discounts, shipping, taxes, etc... and an indication if an order from the gallery contains photos from a different gallery. It also  shows a break down of products total, discounts, shipping, tax, etc... 
  • Added a gallery total sales column in the Site Content area to see the total sales of each gallery in the list.
  • Added a "remove all" for pre-registered people for a gallery.
  • Updated MailChimp integration to V3. The previous integration, V2, was turned off on June 5, 2023. 
  • Added the option to ONLY show Buy All products when customer is viewing favorites. Edit the product group that contains your buy alls for that option.
  • Added a test mode / sandbox option for PayPal Checkout 
  • Added a search function to search for accounts when selecting a gallery owner. 
  • Added a check when getting IPTC / EXIF keywords if the keyword is alpha numeric or not and if not discard the keyword.
  • Added some additional indexes to the database may help speed in some areas. 
  • Added adding product descriptions to cart and orders for pre-orders too.
  • Fixed when adding a collection to cart from a greenscreen gallery & running PHP 8 only 1 product getting added to the cart from the collection due to an error with PHP 8.
  • Fixed PHP warning when exporting print credits and running PHP 8. 
  • Made additional order fields display even when there is not one for the 1 field. 
  • Fixed when download photos in a zip file and a) the photo has a uppercase file extension  and b) the photo is being resized not adding that photo to the zip file.
  • Fixed not being able to delete a billboard when using PHP 8
  • Fixed phone number not getting formatted for text message for booking confirmations.  
  • Fixed being able to create an account with a duplicate email address when it was created with a whitespace. 
  • Fixed invoice payments made with PayPal checkout not getting payment status Completed which makes it not show up in the total sales.  
  • Fixed when copying product dropdown options not keeping the same order as the one being copied. 
  • Tweaked the function that checks for user changed hidden checkout fields that may be causing in some very rare cases to loose the sub total and not get tax, credit, etc... 

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