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3.7.2 Jan 23, 2020

Another follow-up update to 3.7

  • Fixed in some cases (depending on settings) still getting the empty required fields message at checkout.

3.7.1 Jan 14, 2020
Follow-up update to 3.7.0

  • Fixed when you have it set where a customer must verify their account but at checkout if they are not logged into an account it stops the customer from checking out and is sent an email to confirm their account. Now it won't make them verify when creating an account at checkout
  • Fixed when you have it set so you only ship to a billing address (Settings -> Shipping) and someone goes to checkout it giving an error messsage that something is blank.

3.7.0 Jan 9, 2020

  • Added the option to display photo products & collection descriptions when viewing cart and on orders. Option can be found in your price list settings (Photo Products -> Price Lists -> Settings under the price list name). Note: this will not apply to past orders or products in existing carts  
  • Added the option for "name" field in forms (fields for Forms in the main menu ... contact forms). Setting a name field, when an email is sent, it will be sent from that name instead of the name being their email address (like from Tim Grissett instead of info at picturespro com). 
  • Add a "Multi Checkbox" form field option in Forms where the person filling out the form can select multiple answers for a question. 
  • Added the ability to view form submissions in the forms section (Forms in the main menu).
  • Added the option for a "Site Message" which will display a message on every page of the website. Design -> Site Message. 
  • Added the option to export the additional order fields from the price lists in the reports exports. 
  • Added to the People section of a gallery/page (the People tab) to show customers that have NOT ordered from the gallery and the option to export those and send them emails. 
  • Added a message option for Paid Access which can be customized on a per gallery basis instead of the default paid access message. 
  • Added a default setting for green screen backgrounds when creating new galleries in the Default Settings when editing a section or category.
  • Added on the checkout page instead of just a checkbox checked with "Ship to billing address", added 2 radio buttons "Ship to billing address" and "Ship to different address" to make it more clear.
  • Added if you have "Require customers to type in email address * password twice to confirm it is correct." not selected in Settings -> Account Requirements, it also now applies to those fields at checkout. 
  • Instead of the billing address on the left and shipping address on the right at checkout on the computer / larger screen view, put the shipping address option underneath the billing address. 
  • Set a max width of the checkout form so it is cleaner on computer / larger screens. 
  • Added the option to apply download credits to an account.  Photo Products -> Download Credits -> Accounts with Credits.
  • Added the option to edit/delete download credits in accounts. Photo Products -> Download Credits -> Accounts with Credits then edit icon next to available credits quantity. 
  • Added an "All Orders" option in the Orders section to be able to view all orders regardless of status (both open and archived orders).
  • Added 2 bar charts on the admin home page that show total visitors for the last 30 days and sales the last 30 days.
  • Added other bar and line charts to the Reports section and last 30 days in the Visitor stats section. 
  • Added a year to year sales bar chart in the left menu of the Reports section.
  • In the Reports section, removed expenses displayed in the left column that have no expense value. 
  • Added the option to disable Buy Alls in favorites even if the Buy All is in a standard product group instead of a product group marked for Buy Alls. Edit product group and check the option.
  • Added "Do not export people on the email opt-out list" to the export settings when exporting accounts (People -> Export).
  • Added the amazon E2 bots to the visitor stats ignore list.   
  • Added robots noindex meta tag to admin pages since google seems to want to index these (by tracking our browsing). 
  • Log in with Facebook: added to notes & activity in account when customer logs in or create account with Facebook and also fixed not add existing cart contents to account. 
  • Added back in the page designer Headings & Text -> A colorted background area with text overlay. 
  • Removed arrow navigation in the admin because when trying to arrow through a text field it is navigating.
  • Changed when going to the main visitor stats page, added a button to compile visitor stats older than 2 months instead of doing it automatically.
  • Fixed on some devices when scrolling a page made with the page designer the photos fading in when scrolling (thinking the screen was being resized). 
  • Fixed AIM payment option not recording VAT on orders.
  • Fixed error (depending on PHP version) PHP Warning:  A non-numeric value encountered in 
  • Fixed when using Stripe Checkout and someone trying to place an order at no cost ($0.00). getting error or blank screen when trying to place the order.
  • Fixed share not working from admin when description contains quotes.
  • Fixed contact forms added to a page with the page designer not sending out emails FROM the main site email address and setting the REPLY-TO as it should like when adding a form to a page the standard way.
  • Fixed VAT not being recorded (but still getting charged) on orders paid with PayPal Pro direct payment.
  • Fixed not being able to go to page 2 when viewing favorites and there are more than 400 favorites.
  • Fixed photos taken with Galaxy S7 & S8 not returning original photo size on upload due to a bug in PHP or those photos/cameras
  • Fixed item description being required when editing an item on an invoice. 
  • Fixed when you mark a date as unavilable in the calendar and you have a booking service that allows more than one appointment at a time it not making that date unavailable for booking.

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