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4.4.3 - March 29, 2023
Follow-up update to 4.4. Please see 4.4 for major changes below.

  • Fixed a log element showing in the upper left screen when using certain page listing layouts.

4.4.2 - March 28, 2023
Follow-up update to 4.4. Please see 4.4 for major changes below.

  • Added Do not allow downloads option to the batch editing of photos. 
  • Fixed total sales on the admin homepage calculating orders with payments added but  set to pending. 
  • Fixed seeing rn rn rn displayed in some emails sent to the admin when using PHPmailer to send emails caused changes made to deal with GoDaddy email stupidness. 
  • Fixed when downloading free photos in a zip file from a passcode photos gallery keeping the original download available and not allowing other passcodes to download. 
  • Fixed searching for people to assign to free download not working. 
  • Fixed PHP warnings from the sy-vstats.php file 

4.4.1 - March 8, 2023
Follow-up update to 4.4. Please see 4.4 for major changes below.

  • Fixed missing required fields error at checkout when purchasing just downloads and other fields for non-download-only orders are required but not showing. 
  • Fixed admin not being able to download all original files from a gallery in some situations. 

4.4 - March 7, 2023
Forum post on this upgrade

  • A new method of downloading multiple photos in a zip file has been developed that no longer has to split into multiple zip files, gives an estimated process time and more. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to download original photo files from multiple orders from the order list in the admin
  • Added the ability to download all original files from a gallery in the admin.
  • Added when downloading multiple photos from an order with greenscreen photos it will download those with the background applied.
  • Added Stats -> Photo Downloads. This will show all photos downloaded from the site which includes free downloads, purchased downloads and downloads with download credits. 
  • Added to the Stats & Sales section of a gallery to show total free downloads, purchased downloads, downloads with credits and links to the photo downloads stats for those just from that gallery.
  • Added a Photo Downloads tab when viewing a customer account that will link to the download stats to show downloads just from that person. 
  • Added from the list of orders with downloads how many of the photos have been downloaded from the order (9/9 downloaded)
  • Added the ability to disable address fields when someone is only purchasing download photos. Settings -> Account Requirements.
  • Added the ability to disable the option to create an account when only purchasing download photos, overriding the default settings. Settings -> Account Requirements. 
  • Added the ability to see active shopping carts for specific galleries in the Stats & Sales tab of the gallery and the option to delete all carts associated with that gallery.
  • Added the option to delete all active shopping carts in Stats -> Shopping Carts.
  • Made it when download free downloads to automatically close the download dialog after 2 seconds after the customer has selected the download. 
  • Made more adjustments to deal with godaddy's crap blocking emails from being sent (the only host with an issue). 
  • Download stats for individual photos (download icon under thumbnails in the admin) will also list downloads from  orders. Previously only showed free downloads. This only works moving forward. 
  • Added a notice in admin homepage alerts if the ZIP functions are not enabled in the PHP configuration.
  • Changed when in the Text & Settings section of a page in the admin to automatically display the sub menu then collapse it and adding a More menu when viewing the photos section.
  • Updated the getting started information and functionality which now has a button at the bottom of the screen to show getting started stuff. (NOTE: When updating and getting started is enabled you will get a Getting Started popup after updating. It's ok.)
  • Fixed in some cases stats not recording an email view for emails sent via automated emails. 
  • Fixed when adding all favorites to a collection duplicating photos in some cases. 
  • Fixed search within a gallery not working with the option " Do not search copyright & comment fields." checked in Settings -> Photo Settings. 
  • Removed the "Change from email address or select a different default email" link from the welcome email sent for someone to create their password of an admin created account because it should not have been there.
  • Fixed when download individual photos from orders in the admin and the photos are coming off S3, leaving stray photos in the sy-photos folder. 
  • Removed the quantity option for buy all downloads in the buy all popup.
  • Fixed not being able to add more fields to order product exports if using MySQL 8 due to the field name "function" now being a reserved word with MySQL 8.
  • Fixed a issue in some instances with PHP 8 and Square not getting a response on payment.  
  • Fixed when having multiple download added options to a product and more than one selected, not totaling both options.

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