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3.6.1 Sept 5, 2019

  • Fixed cover photo not displaying with gallery exclusive mode.
  • Fixed regular Stripe payment option not showing after update. 
  • Wrapped photo product names in quotes in the order product export for people who have commas in their product names so they don't create a new column on export. 

3.6.0 Sept 4, 2019

  • Added Stripe Checkout Payment Option which is ready for Strong Customer Authentication and 3D Secure V2 which European users will be required to use starting September 14, 2019. (Settings -> Checkout & Payment)
  • Added a "view all" option when viewing a list of orders in the admin.
  • Added a download option when selecting photos from a gallery in the admin to download selected photos in a zip file. 
  • Added a download original photo option when viewing orders in the admin under each photo and also from the manage photos tab. 
  • Added a Download Photos tab when viewing orders in the admin to download photos individually or in a zip file from individual orders. 
  • Added an cart icon/link under the photo thumbnails in the admin if the photos has been purchased and is if so, to show the orders it was purchased on.
  • Added when entering in a sub gallery password within a gallery, it will only search within that gallery instead of all sub galleries.  
  • Added during new installations a check to see of PHP sessions work with default settings and if so, use that instead of custom session handling. 
  • Updated the standard photos with minis photo display setting (used with store products) where you can swipe or click navigate and click the mini thumbnails. 
  • Added collection options for collections that include other collections to the export of collection options. 
  • Fixed when  a customer has a pre-paid package in their cart and that pre-paid gallery has expired, showing that they have expired items in their cart.  
  • Fixed in graphic options not being able to reselect no thanks when option isn't required.  
  • Fixed when uploading photos and selecting to discard duplicate file names and a photo is skipped because the file name already exists in the gallery, leaving the original file behind that was uploaded instead of discarding it.
  • Fixed when exporting store product and have extra photo fields for photos enabled in the export settings, not putting things in the correct columns.
  • Fixed PHP warning being logged in the error log when photos are being viewed: PHP Warning:  count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
  • Fixed in some occasions photos getting a no display value when uploading folders of photos
  • Fixed link to buy download credits in a stock photo section not working with collapsed options
  • Fixed error with _default_search_text_ in photo search
  • Made some changes for reports people being able to see other kids photos in Australia with the the passcode photos
  • Fixed for pre-orders when having a required product group, collections in the other product groups still available to add to cart.
  • Adjusted the way totals are totaled at checkout when having to round a number that ends in 5
  • Fixed customers being able to add a buy all product to cart with 0 quantity
  • Fixed when editing a line item on an order from a booking service, the line item disappearing after saving because it did not save the store product ID number.
  • Fixed options sometimes duplicating in the order product export .

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