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4.1.2 May 10, 2022
Follow-up update to 4.1

  • Fixed error in the product base section that causes the rest of the page not to load when a free download has multiple dimensions 
  • Fixed short URLs not redirecting to the correct page when installed in a sub folder. 

4.1.1 May 6, 2022
Follow-up update to 4.1

  • Fixed when creating an account from the admin not getting the option to send the welcome email. This won't add it to an account created already. Fixes new accounts created.
  • Fixed Twilio text messages not updating the status in the logs.
  • Fixed coupon editing and creation missing fields. 
  • Fixed not being able to create  / edit photo product options. 
  • Removed restriction of having a password protect gallery (or paid access) when using passcode photos. ​

4.1.0 May 3, 2022

NOTICE!: If you are self-hosting Sytist this update makes it no longer compatible with PHP 5 (the programming language). You are most likely not using PHP 5 unless you are specifically using it for something else. You can check with your host about what PHP version you are using if you are not sure.

  • Now compatible with PHP 8, up to 8.1. (This is the program language running on the server)
  • Added the option " Do not allow purchasing from multiple galleries on the same order". This is an option in the "settings" of your price lists, Photo Products -> Price Lists.
  • Added the option to require agreeing to terms & conditions when creating an account. Settings - Account Requirements.
  • Added the option to automatically arrange the photos by file name ascending in sub galleries when uploading folders for sub galleries into the main gallery for when the upload does not upload the photos in order (bug in Apple computers). Settings -> Photo Settings
  • Added the ability to batch send out downloads are ready emails. See #4 in this article.
  • Added the ability to set the default watermark & logo files and location on a per category basis. Edit the gallery section / category and go to Defaults -> Watermarking.
  • Added for pre-orders if customers are coming back to select photos for their pre-ordered products not to charge shipping (since it was probably collected during the pre-order) unless they have added products to their cart that are not part of the package.
  • Added the ability to sort customers' favorites in the admin by filename, when added to favorites and uploaded.
  • Added when viewing customer favorites in the admin the date & time the photo was added to favorites. 
  • Added the option to remove customers favorites when viewing their favorites in their account in the admin.
  • Added the ability to batch send out downloads are ready emails. 
  • Added notice in order list if an order is a pre-order 
  • Added the ability to set the default watermark & logo files and location on a per category basis. Edit the gallery section / category and go to Defaults -> Watermarking.
  • Added the ability to sort photos in proofing projects by status (approved, revision requests & rejects). 
  • Added the ability to export filenames by status of photos in a proofing project. 
  • Added removing packages that includes other packages that have a buy all from favorites when the option to not offer buy alls in favorites is selected. 
  • Added when uploading a photo to the text editor applying 0644 permissions to the file.
  • Added PHP error reporting option in basic settings. 
  • Added a check in sub galleries if the parent gallery has a price list assigned to it. 
  • Added phone number search when searching orders. 
  • Added when booking service has "Override booked times from other services" checked to override also all day events.
  • Added on the bottom of each page of the admin to display what PHP version the server is running.
  • Removed the "UNPAID" notice on orders in the admin with scheduled payments added. 
  • Fixed PCP02 error message when using passcode photos & greenscreen that is shown before the passcode is entered.
  • Fixed in booking calendar when you entered in a booking at a time that doesn't fit the intervals (time  blocks) it not calculating that booked time into the available times. 
  • Fixed pay now button not showing on orders where the admin creates the order from the customers' shopping cart in the admin. 
  • Fixed download all in gallery exclusive mode not showing sometimes.
  • Fixed extra photo prices in packages sometimes getting wrong price from another product.
  • Fixed with the time blocks option to sort photos by time block 11:pm to 12:AM not working.
  • Fixed collection names not exporting for archived orders. 
  • Fixed when duplicating a page / gallery the new page not getting a new short URL and password. 
  • Fixed extra photos from collections not saving sale price if on sale through the price list.  
  • Fixed when sending out booking reminder emails the subject not changing when sent when you change it in the subject area
  • Made a change that might be causing pre-order packages getting removed from cart when removing photos from a collection.

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