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3.5.3 May 29, 2019

  • Added some additional file security measures (no new specific issues since the 3.5.2 update).
  • Fixed sometimes emails collected to view a gallery not showing next to the carts in the admin on the home page and in Stats -> Shopping Carts.  
  • Removed buy all products when people are viewing favorites and have photos in their favorites from multiple price lists (to avoid people purchasing products at prices they shouldn't be)
  • Removed the "add all favorites to collection" link when viewing favorites if the customer has photos in their cart from multiple price lists (to avoid people adding photos to a collection from a price list that does not include that collection).

3.5.2 May 26, 2019

  • Added some additional security measures and removed some development files that where accidentally left in the previous update. 

3.5.1 May 24, 2019

  • Security fix for a potential vulnerability. More details will be shared later.
  • Fixed missing globe icon for view page on website when editing the homepage. 

3.5.0 May 20, 2019

  • Custom Order Confirmation Emails
    Have custom order email confirmations on a per gallery basis (also store products & registries) that the customer receives when they purchase from a gallery instead of the default one. Learn more.
  • Admin Created Accounts Welcome Email & Password
    When you create an account for a customer in the admin, you can now have the customer create their own password (instead of setting one for them) within a welcome email and also set where to send them once they create their password. Learn more.
  • Email Confirmation For New Accounts
    Require customers confirm/activate their account by email when they create an account. Option in Settings -> Account Requirements.  Learn more.
  • Make Payment Of Any Amount
    The option to have customers come to the website and make a payment of any amount. Learn more.
  • Log In or Create an Account
    Now when someone views a gallery or section that requires them to be logged into an account to view,  instead of showing the login form and link to create an account, it will give them to options/buttons to log in or create an account.
  • Added when someone wants to add to favorites, free downloads that require account log in, adding to cart that require account log in, etc.. the window opens and gives them the option to log in or create an account without showing a form as default (similar to above).
  • Added when you assign a price list to a sub gallery, all the children sub galleries will inherit that price list unless another one is selected. 
  • Added sub-galleries to the option in collections "Do not allow adding photos to this collection from different galleries"
  • Added when using do not allow photos to this collection option and you have a product group required to be selected before other products and someone goes into a gallery or sub-gallery with the collection, a selection will be required from the product group again.  Article on dealing with siblings & passcode photos.
  • Added the ability to assign gallery access from the galleries tab in customers' accounts. 
  • Added the option for "Block out all available slots for this time" in the booking calendar when adding a time to the calendar to block out that time for all available slots (if you have multiple time slots available for booking services or special events).
  • Added the ability to resend emails sent from the system. Stats -> Email Logs. View email and select resend. 
  • Added the option to change the page title and page text for contracts when they are being viewed/signed (where it says "Contract") at the top of the page on a per contract basis. Example: you can have it say "model release" or something else instead of contract.  Option when editing contract templates and contracts.  
  • Added disabling / removing free download button  and showing a download message once clicked to prevent double clicking and multiple downloads at the same time.  
  • Added when a photo has a different price list than the gallery and a collection is in the cart that is not part of the overridden photo price list to not allow the customer to add that photo to the collection.
  • Added the option to share galleries/pages from the admin. The share icon tab when viewing a page or gallery in the admin. 
  • Added the ability to display the available default emails (Settings -> Default Emails) by category to make it easier to find default emails. Orders, gallery invites, accounts, etc... 
  • Added when someone accesses a gallery with password, then later logs in, automatically adding account access the gallery they were viewing.
  • Added a -# to photos file names downloaded  in a zip file with greenscreen photos in case the same photo is purchased with a different background.
  • Added to email logs logging the from name and to name. 
  • Added the ability to give individual customers access to expired galleries (in the People tab, assign customer and add access to expired gallery). 
  • Added the ability to add a clickable link directly to view an order from the order confirmation email and phone number field [ORDER_LINK_OPEN]View your order online[/LINK] , [PHONE] for phone number. 
  • Added [LINK_TO_PAGE] bracket code for automated emails like gallery expiring emails so you can make a clickable link. [LINK_TO_PAGE]Click here to view gallery[/LINK]
  • Added to notes/activity when someone logs into their account, if they are sent a confirmation email, when they confirm their account 
  • Added past due contracts to the alerts section of the admin home page and a tab for past due contracts in People -> Contracts 
  • Added the ability to edit the Additional Order Fields / Options & early bird discount on orders. Edit Order than when viewing the order in the admin. 
  • Added the option to email invoices to multiple email addresses.  
  • Added a "View Available Products" button under the message that shows when someone has a collection in their cart and views a photo that is not available for the collection.
  • Added the option in Graphic Options to display the graphics in 1 or 2 columns. Option when managing graphic options for a product. 
  • Moved the custom price list option for accounts into the Galleries tab when viewing the account in the admin. 
  • Added some additional database indexes which may help to improve speed.
  • Changed the download link for photo downloads on order to a button. 
  • Changed the view on website and delete options when editing pages and galleries to just icons in the tab menu.
  • Removed gallery owner field when duplicating a page/gallery. 
  • Removed sale when duplicating a price list for the duplicated price list if a sale is existing in the price list being duplicated.  
  • Fixed when price lists have additional order fields and ordering just packages, sometime not showing the additional fields at checkout.
  • Fixed when sending abandoned shopping cart email manually or from automated emails for carts with pre-order products adding a random image for [CART_IMAGE]
  • Fixed cropping not working in a stock section
  • Fixed wall designer issues with a stock photo section.
  • Fixed photos when view enlarged in the admin not showing the date uploaded and date taken.
  • Fixed sometimes with payments being made by square being double submitted when someone is on a slow connection and double clicks the pay now button
  • Fixed in some cases extra photos added to collections using the extra photo and extra new photo not getting removed from cart when the main package has been removed.  
  • Fixed in pre-sell when showing prices including VAT, showing the price with the VAT added twice
  • Fixed graphic options price for products inside collections not being calculated correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed options for products in collections now showing price including VAT (if applicable) when viewing the cart. 

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