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4.9.3 - April 26, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.9 below for major changes. 

  • Fixed when uploading folders of photos into a sub sub + gallery losing part of the breadcrumb trail in the title. 
  • Fixed issue with bookings that are using Square as payment getting an error and showing the payment button again and possibly double charging. 
  • Remove the country from the ship address copy function

4.9.2 - April 22, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.9 below for major changes. 

  • Fixed resort upload and option to resort photos after upload affecting all sub galleries from all galleries.  
  • Removed the tab whitespaces when copying address from order. 
  • Added first and last name QR data on admin order view.

4.9.1 - April 18, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.9 below for major changes. 

  • Made it with QR Passcode galleries, if you imported or added subject data and that subject doesn't have photos in the gallery (no show), it won't send the gallery invite and reminder emails to those subjects. 
  • Added to the data in the QR Passcodes tab a photos icon with the number of photos that subject has in the gallery (if photos are uploaded). 
  • Fixed buy all button showing when having a buy all product group with only show on favorites.
  • Fixed the new Browse Folder feature not displaying sub galleries in the correct order. 
  • Fixed passcode not exporting with the new export photos with QR data option. 

4.9 - April 16, 2024
Forum post on this update. ​

  • Added when someone places a pre-order to come back later to select photos they can now place additional pre-orders. Previously it would stop them from placing another pre-order because no photos were selected for the first pre-order. Now they can make multiple pre-orders (like for multiple children).
  • Added a "Resort Upload" tab when viewing the Photos in a gallery that has sub galleries to resort the uploaded sub galleries and photos by name / filename ascending.  
  • Added a Browse Folder feature in the admin to view the folder tree of sub galleries in a gallery.
  • Added a Browse Folder button feature to the customer galleries to view the folder tree of sub galleries in a gallery when sub galleries are available.
  • Added the option to export all photo file names with QR data from QR Passcode Photos galleries. 
  • Added the ability to print individual QR print outs with subject data. 
  • Added the ability to change the passcodes of group QR codes.
  • Added a QR code download option in the admin that will link directly to the page / gallery and if it is a password protected gallery or page,  it will include the password and won't have to be entered when scanning the QR code. It is located in the Share tab when viewing galleries / pages in the admin. 
  • Made it when viewing and navigating orders from a gallery to stay within the orders of that gallery when going from order to order. Previously it would list those orders, but when you would view an order and go back it would forget the gallery you were viewing orders from.
  • Added a drop down menu to jump from order to order when viewing orders from a specific gallery. 
  • Added the total number of orders to the Sale Today, Sales Yesterday, etc... at the top of the admin homepage. 
  • Added some QR code data like subject name, leader under the photos on the admin order view of orders from QR passcode galleries. 
  • Added the gallery name to pre-orders and collections in the order email sent to customer and admin.
  • Added when uploading photos it updates the last modified date/time of the gallery. 
  • Added a copy to clipboard option to copy shipping address from an order in the admin. 
  • Added a second verify email address field when entering in a email address to view a gallery that requires an email address to view  to help reduce bad email addresses from being entered. 
  • Made it when "Display a masthead (1 billboard slide) of the first photo or cover photo on pages displayed in this section" is checked in a section and the gallery has no photos (like a pre-order) not to display an empty billboard container.
  • Made some tweaks to speed up the All Photos section.  
  • Fixed issue on some servers with uploading QR photos not working and generating 500 errors. 
  • Fixed tax-exempt accounts still getting charged tax in some cases. 
  • Added back Prep / Travel Time  for booking calendar special events that was accidentally removed in the 4.8 update. 
  • Fixed bookings that use a credit is still showing money owed because it is not taking the credit into account. 
  • Fixed products from collections that include other collections on pre-orders not getting added to the order. 
  • Fixed Add / Edit Payment not working when trying to apply a payment to an existing order that has a gift certificate on it.  
  • Fixed issue with some states duplicating when going to Settings -> Countries and States and also bad encoding with accented characters. 
  • Fixed the option in product groups for buy alls "If this product group includes Buy Alls, ONLY offer when a customer is ordering from favorites." not working. 
  • Fixed possible incorrect tax calculations when there are multiple states in the database with the same abbreviation. 

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