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4.0.2 August 11, 2021
Another follow-up update for the 4.0 version.

  • Added when searching orders to also search the additional fields at checkout values and also display extra fields at checkout in the order list and order search.
  • Fixed when a customer adds a photo to favorites then views favorites and then adds a single pose package to cart that is set to collapse description and options not recording the gallery ID and in turn not applying early bird special. 
  • Fixed when "If this product group includes Buy Alls, do not offer when customer ordering from favorites." is checked in a product group in a price list and you have a product group not marked as a buy all product group but contains buy alls and other products not offering the other products in that product group when viewing favorites.
  • Fixed when deleting a product from the product base it not deleting the reference to that product in collections that product was in.
  • Fixed collections with only downloads not automatically archiving if that option is selected.​

4.0.1 July 29, 2021
Follow-up update to the 4.0 version.

  • Fixed shopping cart totals not displaying correctly ($0) in the admin for carts that contain store products.   
  • Fixed for the booking calendar when blocking out a time and that blockout starts before your booking services time not calculating that blockout time.
  • Fixed unpaid message showing on orders in the admin view that are actually $0.00 orders and don't require payment.
  • Fixed auto-archiving orders with just downloads not archiving when a coupon is used on the order.
  • Fixed print products that include a download auto-archiving when that option is enabled.
  • Fixed extra field 3 not exporting on order product exports
  • Fixed (well added back) galleries you have access to when logged in not showing with the find my photos form on the homepage.

4.0.0 July 26, 2021

  • Added the ability to work with the Entagged barcode system. More Information
  • Added "Labels" for accounts which is basically a way to categories your customer accounts. More Information
  • Added the option to automatically archive orders that are only download photos AND a) have no options selected and b) are not marked as do not allow download until I manually approve it. This option can be enabled in Settings -> Checkout & Payment. 
  • Added the ability to create an order from an existing customer shopping cart when viewing that cart in the admin. 
  • Added a jump to page dropdown above the thumbnails of a gallery to navigate to different thumbnail pages on the front end. 
  • Added when a gallery is set to pre-registration, if you enter any text into the text field for the page it will display on the pre-registration page instead of the default pre-registration text. 
  • Added the replace code [ORDER_LINK_OPEN]Click here to view your order[/LINK] for the order shipping default emails. 
  • Added a check for update link underneath the left menu of the Settings section for when auto-check for updates is disabled or a new update has been released after you have visited the admin page for that day.
  • Added customers being able to add the same photo download to cart when it is a greenscreen gallery so different backgrounds can be purchased. 
  • Added to Stats -> Recently View Pages pagination to view more than the last 100 results.
  • Added "Quick Elements" of text, single photo & video to the page designer. 
  • Made the page designer menu a little smaller.  

Changes to the Accounts / People Section: 

  • Added a "view all" link at the bottom of the account list  (People section) to view all results.
  • Added a sort by option in the accounts (People section) to sort accounts with more options. 
  • Added the ability to select then export selected accounts from the account list. 
  • Put the last active and date created dates in the same column in the account list view and hover over for details.
  • Moved the email address and phone number to the hover message when hovering over those icons.  
  • Moved the option "Show accounts that have not been active more than X days" in the people section to underneath the left menu.  


  • Fixed when using the cookie warning option the visitor stats not recording whether the visitor is a return visitor.
  • Fixed when someone purchases a store product that includes a credit, selects the pay offline option but then comes back and pays with credit card the credit not getting added to their account.
  • Fixed 404 errors in the network console when editing with the page designer and Sytist is installed in a sub-folder. 
  • Fixed not being able to delete page templates from the admin area. 
  • Fixed when trying to view favorites from passcode photos getting the message "Sorry, your photo passcode has expired or is invalid. Click here to re-enter your passcode".

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