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4.6.1 - October 9, 2023

  • Fixed a issue from a bug with some iPhones that could cause the payment to be taken but no order created in Sytist when using PayPal Checkout
  • Fixed keywords that contain spaces not getting added to the photo when processed in some cases.
  • Removed the link in the action menus for Stats & Sales when an add-on admin doesn't have access to the Orders section (the Stats & Sales tab was already being removed).
  • Fixed in Gallery Exclusive mode favorites total at the top of the page being doubled in rare cases on page load. 
  • Fixed when importing passcodes and there is an unnamed column with data, adding the file name as customer information in the People tab. 
  • Fixed when downloading photos from multiple orders in the admin and selecting to put photos in folders based on order numbers skipping photos they were include in a previous order in the batch. 

4.6 - August 21, 2023
Forum post on this update

  • Added an activity log for orders that logs when the admin changes the status of the order, archives, sends shipping email, edits payment information and more.  Can be found when viewing the order in the admin down below the Notes section. Only logs moving forward. 
  • Moved the filename display and photo count when viewing an enlarged photo on the customer side centered underneath the photo (was in the upper left).
  • Added the options to display (or not) photo filename, display (or not) the image count (2/52) and removing the file extension from the displayed file name when viewing an enlarged photo on the customer side. Global setting in Settings -> Photo Settings.
  • Added an "Archive" status for galleries and pages where it removes the galleries from the list of content in the Site Content area but still keeps it in an Archived section (tab at the top of the Site Content area) where you can still reference the total sales for the gallery. 
  • Added an indicator (red currency sign) next to the list of bookings for an event or date to show that the customer still owes money (unpaid invoice, new invoice needs to be created, etc...)
  • Added the option with Automated Emails for  "Do not send admin notices of these emails" for expiring galleries, early bird specials and abandoned shopping carts. Option when editing the messages in Settings -> Automated Messages.
  • Added the option to disable admin booking emails sent when someone makes a booking. "Do not send me booking notice emails" option when editing booking services. 
  • Added the option when downloading photos from multiple orders from the admin to place them into  order number folders 
  • Added the option to set a name for photo zip files being downloaded. Settings -> Photo Settings 
  • Added removing .jpeg and .png file extensions when exporting customers' favorites and filenames on orders. 
  • Added a Select Batch dropdown option for coupons when batches of coupons have been created. 
  • Added on orders with Paid Access the date access is valid through. 
  • Added displaying the element ID for hero / billboards when editing row stylings of the element in the page designer which you can use to tweak the display based on screen size using additional CSS. (See instructions here). 
  • Added with Passcode Photos and if importing passcodes with email addresses showing the passcode under the customer's name while in the People tab of the gallery. 
  • Added with Passcode Photos and if importing passcodes with email addresses the option to export the passcode with the customer information in the export option of the People tab. 
  • Added an additional confirmation dialog when batch deleting galleries / pages. 
  • Made some adjustments for an issue with PayPal checkout taking payment but not creating orders intermittently in some cases. 
  • Fixed error with Stripe Checkout when an email address entered contains a space. 
  • Fixed not being able to pay invoices with Stripe Checkout
  • Fixed store items that are on sale that displays the price including VAT not showing the original price including VAT.
  • Fixed notices  logging in the error log in some cases " PHP Deprecated:  substr_count(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($haystack) of type string is deprecated" when $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'] returns null.
  • Fixed when exporting orders with pre-orders that are not coming back to select photos and packages with more than one quantity multiplying quantities on export. 
  • Added trimming the length of the description sent with PayPal checkout to 125 characters (more than that can cause errors). ​

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