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4.3.4 - December 3, 2022
Follow-up 4.3 update. Please see 4.3 for major changes.

  • Added the Prep / Travel time option to special events with the booking calendar. 
  • Fixed shipping amount not being recorded with orders when the customer is not logged in when starting the checkout process. (the shipping amount was still calculated and charged) 
  • Made changes with checkout to try to fix the random zero total at checkout probably caused by network timing caused from changes made to secure the checkout process in the previous couple of updates.
  • Made an adjustment to the PayPal IPN file to attempt to fix compatibility issues with PayPal Standard Business and PHP 8 in one case (though issue not duplicatable with other PHP 8 installations) .

4.3.3 - November 29, 2022
Follow-up 4.3 update. Please see 4.3 for major changes.

  • Fixed issue with last update that could cause the grand total to be zero at checkout and place an order without payment (due to a timing issue updating totals).

4.3.2 - November 28, 2022
Follow-up 4.3 update. Please see 4.3 for major changes.

  • Added paid access gallery names, store product names and booking services names to the reports exports
  • Fixed contact form emails being rejected by GoDaddy hosting   
  • Fixed MySQL error when using the jump to page dropdown thumbnail navigation and PHP 8. 
  • Fixed eGift card  redeem manipulation  at checkout that could allow someone to use a non existent eGift card to place an order.

4.3.1 - November 16, 2022
Follow-up 4.3 update. Please see 4.3 for major changes.

  • Fixed missing search button when no photos in a gallery in the admin.
  • Fixed SQL error when editing a coupon with flat shipping.
  • Fixed free shipping coupons not working for non-gallery specific coupons.  

4.3 - November 14, 2022

  • Added Gallery specific coupons where discounts can only be applied to a certain gallery. (Coupons manual) (View gallery, click the More tab and then Coupons)
  • Added Free Shipping options to coupons (which can also be gallery specific).
  • Added Free Shipping options to Early Bird Discounts
  • Added Prep / Travel Time to the booking calendar services. This is the amount of time to block off from the booking calendar BEFORE the appointment.
  • Added the ability to increase the year with the booking calendar when making a booking with + - icons.
  • Added to People -> All Account Credits a link to  view just expired credits & also the total credits on the account. 
  • Added the option to export expenses in the Reports section 
  • Added sales total to the Stats & Sales menu tab in the pages / galleries in the admin.
  • Added an icon next to "My Cart" on the checkout page to view the shopping cart.
  • Added the option to not check copyright & comment fields when using passcode photos in Settings -> Photo Settings.
  • Added the option to not search copyright & comment fields when searching for photos in a gallery in Settings -> Photo Settings.
  • Completely reworked the shipping section (Settings -> Shipping). All shipping groups & methods displayed on the page, drag and drop to change display order of shipping methods, etc... 
  • Condensed menu along the top when editing pages / galleries in the admin and added a More option to see rest of options. 
  • Moved "duplicate this page" option to the main top menu when editing pages. 
  • Condensed photo menu above the photos in a gallery in the admin and added a More option to see rest of options. 
  • Add-on Administrators: Removed access to the "Stats & Sales" tab in galleries when add-on admin does not have access to the Orders section.
  • Added a Settings -> Countries & States section to enable countries and states at checkout, account, etc... (removed from the shipping section). 
  • Added symbols next to prices in Photo Products -> Product Case and Collections to show if the product is marked as taxable and if marked as not discountable. 
  • Updated last modified date/time when editing a page with the page designer. 
  • Added 2 more hash characters to the thumbnail file. 
  • Fixed booking options with cents (1.88) not getting the cents part added to the price.
  • Fixed when having a pre-order gallery and gallery exclusing on and the price list of the pre-order gallery has a product with required fields stopping the checkout process saying required fields have not been selected.
  • Fixed with abandon cart reminder emails +  pre-orders + unregistered customers sometimes getting a random cart image added to the email instead of no image.
  • Fixed alert popup when selecting options with the booking calendar. 
  • Fixed time block searches not getting variables added to pagination.  ​
  • Fixed with free download only galleries showing "Scroll down for products  " on mobile.
  • Fixed in booking calendar when a blocked out time ends before the start time making the start time incorrect, sooner than it should be. 
  • Fixed early bird discountable total not being correct when order has image options in some cases.  

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