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4.8.5 - March 4, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.8 below for major changes. 

  • Fixed when creating a new gallery with the new gallery dialog it not remembering the price list selected if it is not the default price list. 
  • Fixed passcodes [PASSCODE] not going into emails for original passcode photos method. 

4.8.4 - March 1, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.8 below for major changes. 

  • Fixed field labels not showing when editing an entry on the QR mobile site. 
  • Fixed error with Godaddy hosting (and maybe others) when trying to process QR codes.
  • Fixed not being able to edit or create new Forms in the Forms section. 
  • Fixed image  options not counting toward free shipping coupon calculations. 
  • Fixed with QR passcodes and FTP upload process QR codes photos getting previous passcode. 
  • Fixed error in Design -> Page Text 
  • Made mobile  view of list & view of orders in admin a little better

4.8.3 - February 28, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.8 below for major changes. 

  • Fixed "Print QR Code Without Subject Data" QR code linking to 
  • Fixed mobile sub menu not showing in Settings section (redid how the mobile menu shows in general).
  • Fixed error when processing FTP upload and  checking for QR codes. 
  • Fixed missing link in passcode URLs when emailing passcode information. 

4.8.2 - February 27, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.8 below for major changes. 

  • Fixed issue with the updated PHPMailer() that was causing orders to appear not to be placed because of a conflict with the new PHPMailer integration and sending a second notification email.  
  • Fixed category preview photos not displaying.  
  • Fixed error when trying to view a list of QR entries and PHP 8  Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: in_array():
  • Fixed an error when trying to export entries from a QR Passcodes gallery and PHP 8. 
  • Made QR code display on mobile device to shrink down when screen resolution is low / zoomed in. 

4.8.1 - February 26, 2024
Follow-up update. Please see 4.8 below for major changes. 

  • Fixed booking special events not working when the option to add subject name fields is not enabled.
  • Fixed uploaded gallery previews not showing. 

4.8 - February 26, 2024
Support forum post on this upgrade

  • QR Passcode Photos! Generate QR codes that contain a photo passcode to photograph when photographing subjects that automatically password protects the subjects' photos in the gallery. Learn more. Video tutorial.
  • Updated PayPal Checkout to Advanced Checkout where you can enable the credit card form to display directly on the page.
  • Added the option to add "Subject First Name" and "Subject Last Name" fields to booking services to collect the subject's name (e.g., child's name when parent is booking). 
  • Added the ability for Special Events in the booking calendar if there are multiple dates to be able to show only bookings for certain dates. 
  • Added the option for lead time to special events so you can prevent same day bookings. Set lead time to 1 to prevent same day bookings.
  • Added to the "Do not allow adding photos to this collection from different galleries, sub-galleries" option in collections to include not allowing to add photos with different passcodes. So a parent  can't add multiple children to the same collection without having to create different sub galleries for siblings. 
  • Changed the way the stats file is rendered which now doesn't use the document.write() javascript function 
  • Added a &display=swap value with the script loading Google fonts to help with page load and to display system fonts until Google fonts are loaded. 
  • Now compatible with PHP 8.2
  • Rearranged some of the items in the main menu of the admin. 
  • Updated PHPMailer to version 6.9.1 which is now compatible with PHP 8. 
  • Made it so prints that include a download can be added more than once to a collection as long as "Do not calculate shipping" is not checked for that print product.
  • Made it so greenscreen photos can be added multiple times as a download to a collection as long as a different background is selected. 
  • Changed the All Photos section to not automatically load the left menu (tags, upload sessions) which can make it take a long time to load. 
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the admin.
  • Fixed an issue with booking calendar special events and having a booking entry for the day with " Block out all available slots for this time " and the start time of the special event being later in the day. 
  • Fixed photo file name not exporting in ordered products export in some cases.
  • Fixed with booking reminder text messages message going to a wrong number if a message is added to the queue where one booking has an account and the next does not getting the next one the phone number from the previous one. 
  • Fixed meta data from photos not getting read when the photos has to be rotated on uploaded. 
  • Fixed photo file size being recorded when discard original is checked. 
  • New getting started video

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