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Photo Settings

Photo Sizes

These are the sizes to resize the photos when uploading photos. Note that the original file you upload does not get processed and is used for creating downloads.

Large: The largest display photo. Suggested: 1600 x 1600

Small: Used for some previews and some displays Suggested: 600 x 600

Thumbnail:  Suggested: 200 x 200

Mini previews: Suggested: 50

Resize Quality

When you upload photos the photos get resized and optionally watermarked. Here you can set the quality of that resize.The higher the number the higher the quality ... but also the higher the file size which will take longer to load. The default setting is 85. 

Sharpen Processed Photos

This will add sharpening after the photo is processed. The processing of the photos can soften them a bit.

Amazon S3 

View this page for information on using Amazon S3 cloud storage for photos.

Photo Extra Fields

These fields can be used when using the passcode photos feature (password protecting individual photos in a gallery) and exporting ordered products & photos. This is used for renaming those 3 extra fields to a name you rather use. 

Green Screen Background

This has a link to where you can manage the backgrounds when offering green screen photos

Custom Gallery Favicons

With this option selected, it will create a custom favicon with the gallery preview photo that is shown in the browser tab, when bookmarked and when added to the home screen of a tablet or phoneMore about custom gallery favicons.

Thumbnails Per Page

The thumbnails automatically populate as you scroll down the page, but after a while it can slow things download if there are a lot of photos in a gallery. Here you can limit how many total populate.

Download Zip File Limit

This will set the number of photos to put in a zip file when someone purchased multiple downloads on an order. When there are more photos than the limit, it will create multiple zip files to download. This is done because too many photos in one zip file can cause server errors. See this article on issues downloading photos in zip files

Deleting Purchased Photos

When deleting galleries, you can select the options below to not delete photos that have been purchased. 

Do Not Search Filenames

With this option selected, when someone searches for photos, it will not search in the file name of the photo and only search key words on the front end.

FTP Upload Process Settings

If you upload photos via FTP and then have Sytist process the photos, below sets how long the processing goes and how long it rests. The process needs to rest some to keep the CPU down on the server while processing photos. 10 seconds processing and 10 seconds resting is recommended.


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