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Admin / Main Settings

Website name

This is the name of your website and the default "from" name when emails are sent from the website.

Email address

This is the default email address when emails are sent from the website.  This is also the email address used if you forget the admin username and password.

Replace space in file / folder names with

When you create a new page or section folders are created on the server. The system will take the title of the page and create the folder name with it replacing spaces and odd characters with one of the following:

       Underscore (_)

       Dash (-)

Disable right click

This option will disable the ability for the visitor to use the right click option on their mouse.

Ignore admin in visitor stats

Setting this to yes the visitor stats will ignore your visits to the website when you are also logged into the admin

Show getting started on home page

When sytist is first installed, you have a getting started section on the admin home page. If you turn it off, you can turn it back on here.

Time zone

This allows you to adjust the time zone. A lot of the times the server your website is on is not in your time zone so you can adjust it here so when you view stats and such it is in your time zone.        

Here is a complete list of time zones.

       Eastern Time: America/New_York

       Central Time: America/Chicago

       Mountain Time: America/Denver

       Pacific Time: America/Los_Angeles


MySQL date format

%M %e, %Y is default.

This adjust how the date is formatted. MySQL time-date format page

MySQL time format

 %h:%i %p is default

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