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Shipping Methods & Pick Up Options

You can create shipping options that the price is based on the order total. 

When creating or editing shipping options you will see a chart where you can set a range of prices and the shipping cost for those ranges. 

  • Orders $0.00 - 24.99: $8 shipping
  • Orders $25 - $99.99: $12 shipping
  • Orders $100 - $99999: $0.00 shipping (free)

Some rules:

  • Your first "from" price range should start with .00 or .01
  • Your last "to" price range must end with 99999.00 or more.
  • There can not be a gap from ending price range to the next starting price range.
  • To create free shipping over a certain price, enter in 0.00 (not just 0) in the shipping cost field.

Pick up Option

​"This option is for a pick up or no shipping address needed​". Pick up at studio, pick up at school, etc....

 Checking this box means there will be no shipping charges and won't ask for a shipping address. 

Shipping Groups

Shipping groups are a group of shipping methods. You can create shipping groups that can have different shipping options within them and assign a group to a page / gallery

When a shipping group is selected for a page, it will override your default shipping group when the customer checks out. If you create a shipping group with no shipping options then it will disable shipping for the selected page.

Default Shipping Group

You can also set a default shipping group by editing the section your galleries are in and click the Shipping section.

Free Shipping Coupons

Starting with Sytist 4.3 is the ability to offer free shipping with coupons. See Coupons.

Shipping Surcharge To Countries & States

Under the list of options on the shipping page is a link to add a surcharge to certain states or countries. 

+ Shipping Percentage

That column in the countries and states will add an additional shipping percentage for that state / country. If you enter in an amount here, it will add that much percentage to the shipping charge.

Example: the shipping calculation totals $7.00 and you have 10% added to orders shipped to California. This would make the total shipping charge $7.70 for orders shipping to California.


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