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Here you set the tax you need to charge for the state and or country. Enter in the tax percentage for your state or the VAT percentage for your country.

Show prices including VAT (or GST)

On the tax settings page at the bottom, there is an option to show your prices including VAT. This will display the price of the product plus the VAT when displayed with the product and in the cart.

To figure the price to enter for your taxable products to get the total you want displayed including VAT, use this calculation:

Price / 1.VAT%

Example, if you need the product to display as $20 including VAT (or GST) and your VAT percentage is 15%, then the price of the product you would enter would be 17.39

$20 divided by 1.15 (the .15 would be the VAT or GST percentage). If the VAT percentage is 20%, $20 divided 1.20

To make VAT show as GST instead, in Site Design -> Page Text (search the page (CTRL+F) for _vat_  and change that word to GST. 

In Settings -> Tax, enter in your tax rate in the VAT option for your country.

Tax by zip code

Tax by zip code allows you to charge tax based on the zip code by uploading a CSV file with the zip codes and percentages.

1) You need a spreadsheet with at least the zip codes and tax rate. All possible options are Zip Code, Tax Rate, City, and State, but only zip code and tax rate are used.

2) Each column must be labeled (first row of the spreadsheet) as: zip, tax, city, state. It doesn't matter what order or if there are other columns but you must have a column labeled zip and tax.

3) Save your spread sheet as a CSV file.

4) Click the browse button to find the spreadsheet on your computer then click the upload CSV file.

If the zip code does not exist in the database, it will add it. If it does exist, then it will update it.

If a customer has a zip code that doesn't exist in the database, then it will use the tax percentage you have set for your state.

More decimal places for prices

If you need more decimal places for your prices for including VAT in the prices shown:

  • Click Settings in the main menu of your Sytist admin
  • Underneath the left menu click MySQL query.
  • Copy the following lines of code and paste it in the query area and click run. This will give you 4 decimal places

ALTER TABLE `ms_cart` CHANGE `cart_price` `cart_price` DECIMAL( 10, 4 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00';
ALTER TABLE `ms_photo_products` CHANGE `pp_price` `pp_price` DECIMAL( 10, 4 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00';
ALTER TABLE `ms_photo_products_connect` CHANGE `pc_price` `pc_price` DECIMAL( 10, 4 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00';
ALTER TABLE `ms_packages` CHANGE `package_price` `package_price` DECIMAL( 10, 4 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00';
ALTER TABLE `ms_products_discounts` CHANGE `dis_price` `dis_price` DECIMAL( 10, 4 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00';

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