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Product Base

Your product base are all the products you might want to offer for sale. When you create a price list or collection, you will add the products for those from this product base

You have 3 different sections in the product base: Prints, Downloads & others.

Adding / Editing Products

Product Display Name
This is the name of the product that will be shown on the website. Example: 4x6

Your Reference Name
This name will be shown on the order to you. This might come in handy if you want to have an standard 8x10 and a canvas 8x10, but don't want to name it "8x10 canvas".

Product Type
Select from Print, Download or Other.

Default Price
This is the default price for the product, but you also have the option to override the price when you add it to a price list.

An optional description you can enter for the product. Best not to be too long as it can clutter up the price list.

Print Dimensions For Prints
Enter in a print dimension will allow the customer to custom crop the photo. Example, if it is an 8x10 print, enter in 8 & 10. Doesn't matter if you enter in 10 X 8 or 8 X 10. The crop will be determined by the photo.

If you don't want to offer the option to customer to crop their photo, enter in 0 & 0 in the print dimensions.

Do not allow discounting
With this option selected, the product will not be discounted by a coupon or early bird special.

Download Size For Downloads
With a download product, you need to enter in the maximum pixels of the download photo. This will be the maximum pixels on the longest side of the photo.

Example: if you want it to be a web size photo of around 1200 X 800, enter in 1200 for max pixels.

To offer the largest size available, enter in 0 for max pixels.

Do not allow download until I upload a replacement file or manually approve it.
When selecting this option for a download photo, the download file will not be immediately available when a customer places an order.

See this article for more information on this option.

Free Download
To offer a free download where the customer can download the photo from the gallery for free, check the Free Download checkbox. This will create a download icon when viewing the photos (not shown on the actual price list).

See this article for more information on free downloads.

Product Options
You can create options for products for the customer to select from when adding a product to their cart. In your product base section, click the Create new option link next to the product.

Option types

Dropdown Menu
This creates a drop down of options for them to select one from. When selecting this option, you will need to enter in the selectable options for them to select from.

This creates a checkbox for them to check if they want that option.

Text Field
A text field allows them to enter in text.

Graphic Option
A graphic option will display a list of graphics / photos for the customer to view and select from.

If you check the option to be required, then they have to select from the option before they can add to cart.

Additional Price
This is added to the price of the product of the option is selected.


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