3.3.1 Jan 30, 2019
Follow-up update to 3.3

  • Fixed icons color and menu background color over justified thumbnails not using theme colors 
  • Fixed the large photo display file only using the large file and not the small one if selected in the photo display settings.
  • Fixed gap at top of photo view in gallery exclusive mode after scrolling down then clicking a photo.  

3.3.0 Jan 29, 2019

Support forum post on this update

In this Sytist 3.3 update I reworked most of the view photos & purchase interface.

Now on mobile, thumbnails will be displayed in 2 columns with the justified & stacked (masonry) photo display options (depending on the orientation of the photos) and customers will tap the photos to view. There we have the purchasing options, add to favorites, share, etc... while viewing the photo. Swipe left/right or tap the arrows to navigate photos.

This also now allows B&W previews and slideshow functionality. 


Basically the computer & mobile view are the same now except on the computer the photo products are to the right of the photo and on mobile the products are underneath the photo. Technically a lot changed with all this, but I won't get into that.


On all devices you now have view cart and my favorites links pinned to the bottom of the screen for quick access.

Now on the computer when you click to enlarge the photo from photo view, there is a magnifying glass to view more detail if the photo is actually larger than the viewing are. On mobile you can tap then pinch zoom.


You can view these changes in a demo gallery here.

Other additions & changes in this update include: 

  • Photo view count. Since on mobile the customer taps to view the photos, we can count photo views. You will see an eye icon under the thumbnails in the admin with how many times the photo has been viewed and the date/time last views. Note: it won't log photo views if you are viewing the gallery and logged into the admin. This also starts with this update. 
  • Reworked the justified thumbnails photo display option so the photos don't get cropped anymore.
  • Made the shipping address fields hidden when ship to billing address is checked at checkout for a cleaner layout especially on mobile.
  • Added a function to the checkout page to check to see if the shopping cart has been modified in another tab or device (items added or removed) and if so, reload the page and totals. 
  • Centered the next/back buttons during checkout and removed the checkout progress elements on mobile.
  • Added batch delete of photo products in the product base & collections.
  • Added a total count of price lists, products & collections in the left menu of the Photo Products section of the admin.
  • Reworked the delete queue (gradually deleting photos when deleting galleries) to prevent multiple requests at one time and  added the option to pause the photo delete queue.
  • Made modifications to the files that get called to display sub-galleries and thumbnails to not render if the gallery is expired or closed and you are not logged into the admin. This is to prevent those files from being shown independently in those cases.
  • Addressed some compatibility issues with PHP 7.2
  • Made it so passwords for photos (passcode photos) can contain special characters like + and & signs. 
  • Added booking date and time to order emails and order view. 
  • Removed the static icon menu on thumbnail photos when viewing favorites.
  • Added a check when someone logs in at checkout if they have an existing paid access in their cart for the same gallery deleting the duplicate cart entries.
  • Fixed when download option added to a print is set to "Do not allow download until I upload a replacement file or manually approve it" still allowing download before approved. 
  • Fixed No multiple bookings by the same person & Override booked times from other services options disappearing when mousing over the area and there are options added to the booking service when editing a booking service.
  • Fixed editing a photo in the admin and selecting multiple existing tags, only the last tag saving.  
  • Fixed when viewing favorites, the buy all photos and download all (if available) buttons pushed to the right on mobile.  
  • Fixed when print products include a download in a pre-order gallery, the download not available when the customer comes back to select photos later.
  • Fixed product options to standard products on pre-order pages not showing prices including tax if enabled
  • Fixed missing upload photos link when viewing a greenscreen background folder in the admin. 
  • Fixed when having a custom price list assigned to an account with free downloads and have individual photos in a gallery assigned to a different price list from the main gallery, free downloads not working on those images,
  • Fixed when using special events in booking calendar not accounting for how many slots per time are available for each date of the special event. 

3.2.2 Nov 13, 2018
Another follow-up update to 3.2

  • Fixed when editing store products not having the options normally available for store products.

3.2.1 Nov 12, 2018
Follow-up update to 3.2.0

  • Fixed when selecting a different email in the People tab of a gallery refreshing to the people list instead of the email screen even though the email is actually loaded causing you to have to click the email tab again.

3.2.0 Nov 7, 2018 

Forum post on this update

  • Changed "Special 1 Day Events" in the booking calendar to "Special Events" where it can include multiple dates. (manual)
  • Added the option to have the Booking Calendar and other calendars when selecting dates start on a Monday. Option in Settings -> Admin/Main Settings.
  • Added the option for "No multiple bookings by the same person" which means someone can not make 2 or more bookings for a specific service with the same email address
  • Added the option "Override booked times from other services" which means if someone has booked a time of 2:00 for one special event for example, 2:00 can still be booked for this event.
  • Added date and expiration date for booking services so you can expire the ability to book the service and pre-date it to display in the future. 
  • Added a link (calendar icon) to view appointments for a specific service or event when in the Site Content  area when viewing a list of booking services or editing a booking service.
  • Rewrote the interface when managing bookings/appointments in the admin.
  • Added the option to print and exporting bookings with the options of what fields to print & export. (You can adjust the header names and display order in Calendar -> Print & Export Settings)
  • Added the option to batch confirm unconfirmed appointments  & manually sending email reminders when viewing a list of appointments for a specific service or event.
  • Added the booking total  & options to orders and order emails when someone makes a deposit on a booking service. 
  • Added the option to add Buy All products to any product group in a price list instead of them having to be in a product group marked for Buy Alls. 
  • Added the option to mark individual photos in a gallery to not be able to be purchased as a download or free download. Click the photo thumbnail in the admin and you will see the option. 
  • Added the option to disable image options on a per product basis. Option can be found when editing products in Photo Products -> Product Base. 
  • Added the option to upload an account photo (or select from an existing photo) for accounts in the admin. View the account in the People section and click the user icon next to the name. 
  • Added showing quantity discounts for products on pre-order pages. 
  • Added when viewing price lists in the admin how many accounts (if any) are assigned to that price list. 
  • Added when deleting a price list it will also removed the assigned price list to accounts using that price list.
  • Added photo product reference ID to products when copying options from one product to another. 
  • Added when duplicating a photo product it copies any labels assigned to the product.
  • Added the option to add additional descriptions for items on invoices. 
  • Added the option to mark an account as Tax Exempt. View the account in the People section and select Edit in the Actions menu. 
  • Reworked the list of pages/galleries in the Site Content area of the admin.
  • Added view/manage people and page designer links to the action menu in the list of pages/galleries in the Site Content area. 
  • Made some changes to the list of accounts in the People section for a cleaner layout.
  • Made some other changes within the admin to loading, success, error notices.  
  • Fixed thumbnails not loading when using special characters like & # in photo passcodes
  • Fixed when "Do not show what products are included in the collection." is checked in a collection it showing the X of XX photos selected in cart and on the order. 
  • Fixed negative option prices for booking calendar options not deducting from the total shown when selecting an option with a price less than 0.
  • Fixed when assigning free downloads for a customer to a gallery and the free downloads don't have download in zip files enabled still showing the option to download all in zip files.
  • Fixed options selected for collections on pre-orders duplicating on orders. 
  • Fixed purchasing all favorites with a buy all and early bird special is enabled not applying the early bird special 
  • Fixed when purchasing a collection from a price list with a minimum order amount set not enforcing the minimum purchase amount 
  • Fixed SQL error when clicking the People tab and someone used an ' in their email address. 
  • Fixed pre-ordered a la cart items not calculating in sales / stats 
  • Fixed with pre-orders if collection is added to cart with options and a la carte photo products are added, the options from the collections showing duplicated with the a la carte products
  • Fixed time format for booking confirmation emails when they are automatically confirmed with payment not using the format of the time setting in Settings -> Admin/Main Setting. 
  • Fixed when importing passwords for passcode photos adding the same file name as the group photo and extra fields when group & extra columns don't exist 
  • Changed in booking calendar if a time is booked that is less than the time blocks set, it will set the amount of time to the time block so the times available stay the same.

3.1.1 Sept 15, 2018

Follow-up update to 3.1

  • Fixed not being able to upload watermark file.
  • Fixed loading thumbnail animation sometimes not going away and showing under list of sub galleries when there are photos in sub galleries and no photos in the main gallery.

3.1.0 Sept 13, 2018 

Forum post on this update

  • Added a new/best way for pre-order salesLearn More.
  • Added a new way to have group/class photos when using the Passcode Photos featureLearn More.
  • Added 3 extra fields for Passcode Photos that can have data in photos that can be exported in product exports from orders (example grade, teacher, etc...). See under "The EXTRA columns" on this page
  • Added the option on whether or not to treat untitled photos (no password) in a passcode photo gallery as group photos or not. Settings -> Photo Settings. 
  • Re-worked additional fields at checkout in price lists and added dropdown & checkbox options. These are located in the "additional order fields / options" in your price lists.
  • Added the option to add a message on the checkout page in the price lists in  additional order fields / options in your price lists.
  • Added when duplicating a price list you can set the name of the price list before duplicating.  
  • Added the option to not display what the collection includes on the customer side when they are viewing available collections. Option when editing collections. 
  • Added the Add Photo text next to the checkmark when adding photos to collections.
  • Added the option to batch edit photo data (title, password, caption, etc...). Select photos and click the edit icon in the tray that opens at the bottom of the screen.
  • Added size dimensions for facebook shared photos. 
  • Added back the option to delete IP address from visitor stats
  • Added a notice in the Alerts section of the admin home page if the error log is greater than 10MB and the option to delete it. 
  • Centered the download all photos & buy all buttons on the gallery page and moved below page text. If you rather have them aligned left or right : .gallerybuttonsmenu { text-align: right; } 
  • Added a max-width of 160px for thumbnails in order emails 
  • Reworked the gallery search box where it is neater on mobile. 
  • Fixed error when adding $ signs to sub product names for store items. 
  • Fixed when viewing a gift certificate order the from/to inverted on the admin order view. 
  • Fixed errors from PHP 7.2
  • Removed canceled booking appointments from daily print out. 
  • Fixed screen stops scrolling on mobile when a package is added to cart then you add photos to the cart then you click the cart icon.

3.0.1 July 26, 2018

  • Fixed incorrect favorites count and duplicate favorites in some cases on the customer side caused by changed in the last update. 
  • Created a fix for a bug in Google Chrome 67 where billboard / hero elements in the page designer with fixed backgrounds not showing the photo when another element has CSS animation on it.  (As soon as I created the fix, I check my Chrome version, it updated to version 68, restarted and the bug was fixed in version 68.)
  • Added a check for customer session variable when payment is being made in case it is lost (mainly on iphone) which could possibly create ghost orders or orders with the wrong content

3.0.0 July 19, 2018 

Forum post on this update

  • Added the option for paid gallery extensions for expired galleries. 
  • Added the option in Paid Access to include download credits with purchase. 
  • Added the option in Paid Access to set a number of days of access 
  • Added default settings for paid access and gallery extensions when editing sections or categories.  
  • Added the option to collections/packages to not allow photos from different galleries to be added to the collection. You will find this option when editing collections. To batch update all existing collection to have this option, UPDATE ms_packages SET package_not_across_galleries='1'; 
  • Added a My Downloads section to the My Account section where customers can re-download free downloads and downloads with download credits.  (If you don't want this to show, add this code to the additional CSS section of your theme: #account-my-downloads { display: none; } 
  • Added the option to search photos and sub galleries within a gallery in the admin. 
  • Added the ability to sort photos by status for Proofing Projects in the admin  (approved, rejected, revision requests & unreviewed) . 
  • Added the option to create colored labels for photo products & collections for organizing and sorting. 
  • Changed the way products are added to a price list
  • Added the ability to sort photo products in the product base by name or price ascending or descending 
  • Added store products (and pre-sell packages) to order product export
  • Added collection options to order product export. This would need to be enabled in the export settings.
  • Added sub galleries to the vistors stats. Page views will show the sub gallery name instead of just the main gallery name. You can see the number of views for sub galleries when viewing a list of sub galleries in the admin. 
  • Added order number viewed to the visitor stats when someone views an order.
  • Added to notes and activity in accounts when someone downloads free downloads. 
  • Added the unsubscribe link to gallery invite emails sent when Automated Emails are enabled. 
  • Added the option to set price lists and descriptions when creating new sub galleries in the admin.
  • Added the option to show photos in a gallery in the admin that have no titles or keywords (in the search option). 
  • Added the ability to batch edit photo products names & internal names / ID.
  • Added the ability to batch edit collection names & internal names / ID.
  • Added which payment option was used when viewing an order in the admin (example:Square, Stripe, PayPal, etc...)
  • Added message in My Account how many download credits the customer has if they have any in their account. 
  • Reworked how sub galleries are displayed in the admin and change sub gallery action links to icons
  • Moved account actions such as edit, delete, login into an Actions tab when viewing an account in the admin. 
  • Moved product options option in Photo Products -> Product Base to an icon next to other actions. 
  • Moved the option to enable the wall designer in a price list to the price list settings (edit settings) 
  • Made it when you add a print credit to someone's account in the admin they don't have the option to delete it. 
  • Made it when someone enters in their email address to access a gallery or join the mailing list trim whitespaces from the email address so it doesn't say it is formatted incorrectly where there is a space at the end. 
  • Change the admin color scheme to gray. You can change it back to blue in Settings -> Admin/Main Settings -> Admin color
  • Fixed when saving the privacy policy triggering mod security on some hosting companies.  
  • Fixed in the booking calendar if your start times end with something other than :00 possibly skipping over the second available time. 
  • Fixed when using the page designer for a contact page that is selected for gallery exclusive, the content from the page deisgner not showing 
  • FIxed in the booking calendar when you have set unavailable times in the booking setting and another time booked at the same time not selecting the entry with the longest time which can cause some times to be available when they aren't. 
  • Fixed when searching in a main gallery that has sub galleries with a lot of search results not showing the page navigation
  • Fixed when selecting remember me when logging into an existing account not setting the cookie to remember.
  • Fixed when exporting order reports missing gallery name when the orders are archived. 
  • Fixed sometimes if your website name has a comma in it, when emails are sent missing the from name and email address. 
  • Fixed stripe payment option not capturing which type of card brand was used. 
  • Fixed when duplicating a collection not duplicating the extra photo  & extra new photo options. 

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