Updating Your Sytist

Whenever a new version of Sytist is released, you will get a notice on your Sytist admin homepage in blue with the new version number and a link to the change log to view the new additions, changed and fixes. 

If you are within your update period you will have a link that will go through the steps to download the update and apply it. Takes about 4 clicks. 

If you are out of your update period, you will have a link to purchase the update to the current version which also includes another year of updates.

I don't see an update notice on my Sytist admin homepage. 

If you do not see the notice about an update being available and you are not on the current version of Sytist, you may have disabled the auto-check for update option. Go to Settings -> Admin/Main Settings and look for the option "Auto check for updates once a day on home page". If it is set to no, change it to yes, save, then return to your Sytist admin homepage.

If it is already set to yes and you don’t see the update notice on your Sytist admin homepage, then likely the host/server has remote file access disabled so it can't check for the updates. In that case you would need to manually update.

How do I know what version I am currently using?

You can see the version of Sytist you are using at the bottom of any page on your Sytist admin.

Will I lose any data or customizations when I update?

No, updating will not make you lose any data and any customizations you have done. 


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