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Page Display & Content Listing Layouts

When creating or editing  a section or category, you can select from these to determine how the pages are listed and displayed in that section.

Content listing layouts

These are the layouts for when pages are "listed" in a section. For example, you might have a Galleries section where you want to display galleries. The listing layout determines how those galleries are listed on the page. You might want these to display looking like thumbnails going across the page.
Each layout has a different look or features to it.

Page display layouts

These control how the content is displayed on pages. Each have a different set of options or design. For example, lets say you have a Blog section and you select the Blog Pages option. This will display the title, date created, social share, etc ....
You can modify the existing layouts or create your own.

Codes and details (advanced users)

There is a lot you can do with the layouts to control how content is displayed on the website. Basically the layouts are HTML and  PHP function codes to display the variables.

Listing Layouts

The following PHP functions are used:
<?php listingPhoto($page); ?> = Preview photo
<?php listingTitle($page); ?> = Page title with link to page
<?php listingTitleOnly($page); ?> = Page title only
<?php listingTotalPhotos($page); ?> = Total photos for page
<?php listingDate($page); ?> = Page date
<?php listingTime($page); ?> = Page time
<?php listingPrice($page); ?> = Product price
<?php listingExpireDate($page); ?> = Page expiration date
<?php listingCategories($page); ?> = Categories page assigned to
<?php listingPreviewText($page); ?> = Preview text or snippet of page
<?php listingFullText($page); ?> = Complete text of page
<?php listingPhotos($page); ?> = Listing all photos from page
<?php listingFirstPhoto($page); ?> = Showing first photo from page
<?php listingAddToCart($page); ?> = Add to cart link for products

Page Display Layouts

The following PHP functions are available to use in the page display layouts:
<?php pageTitle(); ?> = Page title
<?php pageExpireDate(); ?> = Expiration date
<?php pageDate(); ?> = Date
<?php pagePhotos(); ?> = Where the photos of the page are displayed
<?php pageText(); ?> = Text of the page
<?php pageTags(); ?> = Tags for the page
<?php socialShare();?> = Social share options (facebook like, pinterest, etc...)
<?php pageCategories(); ?> = Category the page is in
<?php pageNextPrevious(); ?> = Next &  Previous menu
<?php pageHomeFeatured();?> = Used for the home page to display featured content
<?php productCart();?> = Add to cart / product options.
<?php pageTotalPhotos(); ?> = Shows total photos in gallery
 When adding a page display layout, you also have to add the CSS for the layout. Under the HTML section you will see a section to add the CSS.
If you do make any changes to the CSS section, you will need to edit  then save your theme for them to take effect.

Adding a search link

Add the following code to the top of the Page Display layout:
<div class="icon-search the-icons right textright searchlink">Search</div>

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