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Billboards are like a slideshow you can add to the home page, sections, categories or other pages that show at the top of the pages. These are great to add to the home page.

You will upload photos to create the slides and then you have the option to add text to the slides. After you have created a billboard, to add it to the home page go to Site Content -> Manage Home Page and click the Billboard option. To add it to a section or category, go to Site Content and edit under your section name.

Creating a new billboard
Site Design -> Billboards, Click the Create New Billboard tab.  Give a new for your reference.


  • Inside page content container (fixed width / height ratio)
    This will place the billboard INSIDE the padded content area of the page. Above the page title and other stuff.
  • Below menu & above page content container (fixed width / height ratio)
    This will place the billboard directly below the main menu / header and above the page content container. With this option you also have the option to make it 100% wide on the screen.
  • Full Screen (New starting with Sytist 2.1)
    The full screen option will make the billboard fill the screen completely on all devices. This can be useful to use for your home page for a nice effect. Full screen has a couple of different option available. See below for details.

For the first 2 options above , this sets the height of the billboard area based on a 1024 pixel width. Because of the responsive design of Sytist, the billboard will adjust to the screen resolution so the height will actually grow larger on higher resolution screens and smaller on smaller ones. This keeps the dimensions the same no matter when it is being viewed. 

Seconds between slides
This sets how long to display each slide.

Transition Speed
How fast the slides fade in / out.

Add slow zoom in / out effect to photos (starting with Sytist version 2.1)
With this option selected, the photos will alternate zooming in and out slowly. 

Loop the slides
Check this if you want the billboard to start over when it reaches the last slide. 

Padding, Border Color & Border Size
Padding adds padding to the outside of the billboard display area and the border option is the border around the billboard.

Show small navigation buttons
When there are more than one slide, the navigation numbers can show for the view to click on to select a slide to see.

Uploading photos to use for slides
Once you have created your billboard you will then need to upload the slides. You will need to upload landscape (horizontal) photos for the slides. Click the Upload Slides tab or link. You can either select photos from your computer to upload or select from existing photos in your all photos section.

Once you have uploaded the photos, you can then add text to them if you like.

Adding text to slides
You can add text to the billboard slides (photos) for each slide. It is recommended to NOT add text to billboard slides when using the Full Screen option. The text will not resize proportionally. If you do, only add one line.

To do so, click on the thumbnail of the slides you want to add text to. The slide editor will open up. Click the Add Text link below the photo.

You will see a new text block added (Click to edit). Click in there to change the text. When you mouse over the text a dot will appear to the upper right of it. Use that to move the text around to where you want it to be.

You will notice when you add new text or click on existing text, a menu will appear where you can adjust the text color, fonts, size, etc...

You also have the option to select from several animation for when the text appears. When you change the animations you will see a preview of it. To preview animations of all elements you have added, click the preview animations link.

The animations runs one after another starting with the first element you add. So the first text or graphic you add will be the first to show, and the last one will be the last.

Be sure to click Save when you are done with editing your slide.

Adding a billboard to a section or page
When editing a section, category or page, you will see a Billboard option. You can select the billboard to use there.

Calculating billboard photo sizes for the fixed width / height ratio options.
The width of the billboard adjusts to the screen width of the display area of the page. When editing a billboard it is set to 1024px, so the default is 1024 x 250 (if the height is set to 250).

But they will be displayed larger or smaller depending on the visitor screen resolution and device. The largest is going to be the max width of your theme (1600 by default).

SO ... to figure out the best size to fit your billboard with little or no cropping, take the height you set for the billboard divided by 1024 ... 250 / 1024 = .244

Then 1600 * .244 = 390

Size to create 1600 by 390

Full Screen Billboard Options
There are a couple of additional options when using the full screen option  which can be selected when previewing the billboard. Click here to view a full screen billboard in the demo. To manage these options, click the Preview Billboard tab.

1) Link Buttons
Link buttons can be added to link to sections of your website which stay in place as the photos change. You can stylize the link buttons to change the color and look of them. 

2) Parallax Effect
With this option selected, when you scroll down the page, the billboard photos will scroll at a different rate on desktop giving it a nice effect. This option does not display on mobile because of performance. 


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