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Header & Footer

The "Header" is that is shown at the top of all your pages. This is where you would put your site name or logo.

The "Footer" is shown at the bottom of all your pages. Generally the links are the same as what you have in your menus.


In the header section you can enter just text, upload a logo file, or upload a full header file. By default, you have the WYSIWYG text editor where you can enter your site name or whatever you like.

There is also an option to simply upload a logo file when in the Header & Footer tab.

If using a logo file, the size of your logo file depends on your theme and the space in the header. Generally you don't want the logo file too large. 80 pixels in height is a good place to start. After you have added a logo to your header, go to Design -> Edit My Theme and make adjustments to the header section if needed. 

Mobile Header

The mobile header option allows you to have a different (smaller) logo / header when showing on mobile devices or devices with a screen resolution less than 800 pixels wide. It is best to upload a small logo here or just enter in text so it doesn't make the pages "squished" if you main logo is too large. 

The suggest max width for the mobile logo or header is 250-280px, but you may want to experiment on size.


Editor Style (advanced users)

If you want to enter in your own HTML in the header section and not use the WYSIWYG editor, click the Editor Style tab and you can change to a plain text area.

External Header & Footer Files (advanced users)

This option allows you to use external PHP files for your header & footer. You would need to upload the files you want to use and enter in the full path to those files. (/site/user/public_html/myfile.php for example).


Same with the header, by default you have the WYSIWYG editor. Enter in anything you want to be seen at the bottom of all your pages. Below this footer a menu is shown with what you have in your main menu.
You can enter in the bracket code [YEAR] which will be replaced with the current year on the website. So if you want show a copyright with the year, you can enter in ©[YEAR] and it will be replaced with the current year: © 2013.

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