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Editing Pages & All The Options


This is the title of the page. When you create a new page, it uses this title for the page URL to make it super search engine friendly. Example, create a new page in your blog section called "This is a wonderful day", the URL for that page will be
This title is also shown in the meta title tag which is shown in the browser window / tab.


This is the area for the text on the pages using the WYSIWYG editor.  Learn more about the WYSIWYG editor.

Embed Video

This option allows you to embed video from  websites like youtube, vimeo, etc. Usually they offer an embed code you can copy. Copy that code and paste it into this section.

Page Title Shown On Page

Here you can either use a different title than the page title in the first option, or disable the displaying the page title all together on this page. 

Key Words

Key words are added to the meta key word section. This is not shown on your pages, but is used for search engines to use. Enter in keywords you would think people might type in that would be relevant to this page.

Include PHP file (advanced users)

This option allows you to include a PHP file for the page. You would need to enter in the full path to the file on the server. 


Draft: Not listed in the section. Still can be access by direct link, but not listed with other content

Publish: Active page / gallery and listed on the site.

Pre-Register: Will be listed on the website, but when viewed, will show a form for people to fill out when the page / gallery becomes available. Then you can email those people when it becomes available.

Closed: Similar to draft, but can not be accessed by direct link. Only you when logged into the admin can view the page / gallery.


This is the section or category you want to display this page in.


When adding tags to pages, these tags can be displayed with the page. When someone clicks on a tag, it will list all pages with these tags.

Share & Comments Options

Your social share options are located in Settings > Share & Facebook. This allows people to "Like" or share a page (Facebook, pinterest, etc...). If you have this enabled, you have the option here to disable those options for this page.
Same with comments. If you are using comments, you can disable the comment feature for this page with this option.

Page Form

You can create forms in the Form section of the admin to add to pages. An example of a form is a Contact Form where people can fill it out to send you a message. 
To add a form to the page, select the form from the dropdown menu.
Then you must add the following bracket code in the text editor where you want the form to display: [FORM]


This is the date the page is added. In some of the layout options, this date can be displayed (in blog posts for example). 
You can also post-date pages. When you post-date a page for a date in the future, that page won't be available on the website until that date.

Expire Date

Entering in a date here, the page will automatically become accessible after this date.  The page will not be deleted, but people just won't be able to access it.

Password Protect

Select the option to password protect a page and enter in a password for that page. If you password protect a page, you will see the option to email link when viewing the page in the admin. There you can email people you want to view that page with a link to the page and the password.

Page Display Layout

The display layout is determined by the setting in your section, but you have this option to select a different layout here. 

Disable Side Bar

If you are using a sidebar in your theme, this option is to disable that sidebar for this page. 

Page Theme

Option to select a different theme for this page. 

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