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Uploading photos with FTP

The bulk uploader built into Sytist makes it easy to upload photos. But you can also upload via FTP and then process them.

What is FTP? File Transfer Protocol. Basically a way to transfer files between your computer and website server. If you don't already have a FTP program, Filezilla is a free FTP client.

One advantage of uploading via FTP is that you can create sub galleries automatically. The sub galleries are created based on the folder names.

To upload via FTP, upload the folder of photos you are wanting to upload into the sy-upload folder.

After they have uploaded, go to the page you are wanting to add

them to and click Upload Photos.

You will now see the folder(s) you have

uploaded and click process next to the folder you are wanting to add.

At this point you will see thumbnails getting generated. When it is complete, it will return you to the page you are working on.

Sub Galleries

If you upload a folder with sub folders in it, it will automatically create sub galleries. 
Main Folder Name
Sub Folder 1 (has photos)
Sub folder 2 (has photos)
Sub folder 3 (has photos)
This will create the 3 sub galleries called "Sub Folder 1", "Sub Folder 2", "Sub Folder 3".
You can even add more sub folders inside the sub folders to create deeper sub galleries.

You can also automatically create password protected sub galleries

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