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Getting Started

After you have Sytist installed, here are some steps to getting started with your new website.

Video tutorial for getting started

At the bottom of this page it goes over setting tax, shipping, payment options, etc .... 

Select a Theme

In the Site Design section, go to Themes. There is a list of themes that included in Sytist. Click the "preview" link next to a theme to view it on the website. Once you are in theme preview mode, you can select from different themes to preview.

Once you decide on a theme, return to the admin and click "Duplicate" on the theme you want to get started with. This way the original stays in case you want to go back to the original.

Once you have duplicated it, click "Make This My Theme". Now that is your theme and you can make any adjustments you like in the theme editor.

Create a New Page

When Sytist is installed, it is a clean slate. So you will need to create any pages and sections you want on your website. To get started with that, create a Contact or About page.

In the Site Content area, click on Add New Page. You can do that from the main menu drop down or in the Site Content section itself. Enter the title of the new page and click continue.  There you an add the content of the page.

When ever you make changes to a page, you need to click the Save Changes button for them to take effect.

Create New Sections

Sections are areas of your website where you will add content too (with the exception of top level pages which would be Contact, About Us, etc...). Example of sections are: Galleries, Blog, Clients, etc...

To create a new section, select "Create New Section" from the Site Content drop down or in the Site Content section itself.

In the New Section Wizard, select the type of section you want to create. The wizard will make suggested settings for pages in that section.

Once you create a section, you can add pages / content to it. Example, if you create a Blog section, you can make your first entry in your blog.

Click here for detailed information on Sections.

Add To Your Menu

After you create new sections or top level pages, you will need to add them to your website menu. In the left menu of the Site Content area, you mouse over your sections to view the section menu. Click the +menu to add that section to your website menu. For top level pages, click "Top Level Pages" in the left menu and click the +menu link under that page.

Edit Your Header

The header is what is shown at the top of all your pages. When you register your Sytist site, your website name is automatically added to your header. You can edit that in the Site Design section ( Site Design -> Header & Footer).

Edit your metadata

Metadata is used for search engines to read when they crawl your website. This is basically a reference description of what your website is about and keywords. 

In the meta description, enter is a short description of your website. Example, if you are a wedding photographer in Destin Florida, enter in something like "My name wedding photography in the Destin Florida and surrounding areas."

For key words, think of words or short phrases someone would type in to find your website. Example: wedding photographer, destin, florida. 

Social share options

If you want people to be able to share your website pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc... you will need to enable those in Settings -> Share & Facebook.

For selling photos

If you are going to be selling photos, you need to get started setting up your products & pricing.

Add products to your product base

The product base is the photo prints & downloads you plan on selling. Add the products you want to offer and set a default price. The default price can be overridden when added to a price list. 

Create a price list

You can create unlimited price lists and price lists are selected when you add new client galleries.

Set your tax

In Settings -> Tax enter in the tax for your area you need to charge.

Enable payment options

In Settings -> Checkout & Payment is a list of integrated payment options. Select the payment option(s) you want to offer. 

Adjust shipping options

In Settings -> Shipping set the shipping rate based on order total.

Test Out Your Site

Before going live, be sure you test out everything. If you are selling, be sure you run through the whole purchasing process.

There are a lot more settings and options, but this should get you on the right track.


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