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When someone places an order on your website, you will receive an email with the order information (as well as the customer) and you will find the order in the Orders section.
You have 3 order statuses: Open, Archived & Trashed. When you trash an order, it sends it to the trash folder and is not calculated on any sales reports.

Adding Payment To An Order

If you are using a payment option that makes an order pending (pay offline for example), view the order in the admin and under the Payment section, click the Edit Payment Link.

Add Shipping To An Order

When you have an order that requires shipping, view the order in  the admin and click the Add Shipping tab. Here you can select this shipping method, enter a tracking number and send an email to the customer that their order has shipped.

Manage Photos

The Manage Photos tab that shows on a order with photos allows you to view  a clean version of the photos on the order, export file names and also create a printable version.

Packing Slip

This gives you a printable version of the order. When printing out packing slips, you will want to adjust your browser to not show page name, link, date, etc...
Firefox: Start -> Print -> Page Setup.
          Format & Options: Check "Print background".
          Margins & Header / Footer:  On all Header & Footers, select Blank.
Internet Explorer: Tools -> Print -> Page Setup. Select Empty for all Headers & Footers.
Chrome: When you select Print, uncheck the Headers option.

Packing Slip Layout

Here you can adjust your company name, address, etc...

Shipped By Options

These are the option you can select from when adding shipping to an order. They contain links to the tracking services which will add the tracking number on the order.

Change Starting Order Number

This action will change the number of the next order and then will increment by 1. The number has to be higher than the last order number.

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