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The standard coupon system in Sytist is designed to offer variable discount rates based on price range with one coupon. For example, a coupon can offer a 10% discount on purchases up to $100 .... 15% discounts on purchases $100 - $200, 20% discount on purchases of $200 or more. 

The discount is calculated on the cart total before any taxes & shipping.

These are the options when creating a standard coupon.

Coupon Name
Name of the coupon shown when redeemed and on the order. 

Redeem Code
The code entered to redeem the coupon.

Expiration Date
The date the coupon expires. To not have it expire, enter 0000-00-00.


Unlimited Use - Can be used by any one at any time.
Once - the coupon can only be used one time. After that, it becomes inactive.
Once per person - the coupon can only be used once per person. The cart will check to see if that person has used that coupon before.

Discount Structure
You can offer either a percentage discount or a flat rate discount. A flat rate discount would be something like $50 off instead of a percentage.

The Cart total from / to is what the total needs to be for the discount amount. 

Bonus Coupons

Starting with Sytist version 1.4 are Bonus Coupons. Bonus coupons allows you to offer a product or products for free or a discounted price.

Bonus coupons are redeemed just like a coupon, but it will include a product or products for the customer to select photos for. 

The bonus coupon includes a collection you have created in Photo Products -> Collections. So when creating a bonus coupon, you will select which collection it includes. Even if the coupon is for 1 free download for example, you must first create a collection that includes 1 free download. Then select that collection for the coupon.

In addition to the options above for standard coupons, there are additional options for bonus coupons.

Minimum Cart Amount
Here you set what is the minimum amount of the cart total for the customer to be able to checkout with the coupon. If the customer has redeemed their coupon and it doesn't meet the minimum amount, it will stop them at checkout and ask them to add more to cart or remove the coupon from their cart.

You can either leave the price blank for free, or enter in the price for the bonus coupon. Example, if you want to bonus coupon be 2 8x10's for $5.00, then you would enter in 5.00 for the price and select a collection that includes 2 8x10's.

If there is a price added, if that is taxable.

Do not discount
If there is a price added, do not allow it to be discounted by a standard coupon.

Enable shipping
Select this if you want this coupon to be available for shipping and apply any shipping charges.

Additional Text
There are several places where text can be shown when using the bonus coupon. This can be changed on a per coupon basis. When you create a  new coupon, it will use the text for the last bonus coupon you created.

Batch Create Coupons

Stating with Sytist 1.4

When creating a standard or bonus coupon, there is a checkbox option to create a batch of coupons. You can select how many to create and the starting number that gets added to the redeem code.

After you have batch created coupons, you can click the batch name in the coupon list and you will have the option to exports those coupons or delete the entire batch.


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