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Price Lists

When adding products for sale to a gallery, you will select a price list. You can create multiple price lists which allows you to have different sets of products & pricing.

Price List Options

These options are available when viewing your Price Lists and clicking the "edit settings" link.

Use B&W / Filter options
This allow the customer to preview the B&W / filter option you have available.

Require customer to login to view products & add to cart
With this option selected, the customer will not see the products or pricing until they log into their account.

Allow customers to make notes on photos in the cart
With this option selected, the customer can make notes to products after adding to cart.

Minimum order amount
This will set the minimum order amount overriding the minimum order amount in Settings -> Checkout & Payment.

Show buy icon above photo instead of displaying the products to the right of the photo.
With this option selected instead of showing all the products to the right of the photo, it will display a Buy Photo icon above the photo.
More information on this

Additional Fields at Checkout
New in version 0.9.1
This allows you to create up to 5 additional fields for the customer to fill in during the checkout process. You can use for example to ask for a child's name, grade, sport, etc....

Image Options

Image Options are checkbox options they can select that are only charged once per image no matter how many products they order of that same image. This can be used for something like retouching fees.

Click here for an article on the use of Image Options.

Product Groups

You can create groups of products in your price list that creates a tab they can click to view those products. Example a "Prints" group, "Downloads" group, "Canvas" group, "Collections" group.

When you first create a price list, a default product group is created.

Require a selection from this group before selecting products from other groups

You can edit a product group after it is created and there is this option. With this checked, a product must be selected from this product group before they can add anything from another group to their cart. This is good to use if you require the customer to select a collection before the can select individual prints for example. And if they were to remove the first one from their cart, it will remove the other items added.

Adding Products To A Price List

When viewing a price list, you will see your product base on the left of the screen . Mouse over the products then the + sign and select what product group to add the product too.

Rearranging The Product Display Order

Simple drag & drop the products to change the display order.

Rearranging The Product Groups Display Order

Product groups are displayed based on the display order ascending. Click the edit group link under the product group name and adjust the display order.

Overriding a product default price

In your product base, you create a default price for the product. In your price lists, you have the option to override that default price.
When viewing the products in the price list, mouse over the price and click the edit icon.

Product Quantity Discounts

You can create quantity discounts for products in your price list by clicking the quantity discounts link where the price of the product decreases based on the quantity ordered. The quantity discounts are priced each.

When the link is red, it means there are no quantity discounts added. When it is in green it means there is.

Quantity Discount Format

2 - 4
$10 each
5 - 8
$9 each
9 - 0
$8 each


1) Do no overlap numbers.
2) The last quantity discount "qty to" must end with 0.

Again the quantity discounts are prices each so in the example above if someone purchased 5 ... then the price would be 5 X $9 ... $45 total ... $9 each. It does not do a tiered discounting where the first is one price the second another prices and so on.

Apply discount on all photos
This will apply the discount on all photos with this same product.

Apply discount only on multiple of the same photo
This will only apply the discount on the same photo with this product.

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