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Default Emails

The emails are the emails sent to people when they take certain actions: place an order, order shipped, forgot password, etc...

In these emails are what is called Replace Codes. The replace codes get replaced with information when the email is sent. Example: [FIRST_NAME] will get replaced with the person's first name.

With each default email, it will show you a list of available replace codes you can use and what they are used for.

From name and email

By default, these emails are sent from the email address and name you have in the Settings > Admin / Main Settings. But each default email has the option to enter in a different email address and from name.

Email Header & Footer
In this section, you can add a header & a footer that is added to the default emails. For example, you could add your logo or company information that will automatically be added to all of your default emails.

New Replace Codes starting in version 0.8.2

  • [IMAGE_LARGE] will automatically insert the large version of the gallery cover photo.
  • [IMAGE_SMALL] will automatically insert the small version of the gallery cover photo.
  • [IMAGE_THUMBNAIL] will automatically insert the thumbnail of the gallery cover photo.
  • [LINK_TO_PAGE] ....add your text here ... [/LINK_TO_PAGE] will automatically make a link to the page with the text you want to be clickable. 

These new replace codes will work in the following default emails: 

  • Invite to view public page
  • Invite to view password protected page
  • Expiring gallery / page
  • Review Your Proofs Email
  • Your registry is ready
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