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A La Carte Discount?

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Amy Lemaniak
14 posts
Thu Oct 12, 17
12:05 AM
Is there a way to setup an a la carte discount with Collections? this was a feature in Photocart and I use this in my collections, but not seeing where I can do this. Thanks in advance!
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10302 posts
Thu Oct 12, 17
11:30 AM
There isn't an option for that, but you can accomplish about the same with the Extra Photo and Extra New Photo option in the collections.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Amy Lemaniak
14 posts
Thu Oct 12, 17
11:34 AM
So, doing it this way, would I need to list out every.single.product that I offer that I would be offering the discount to them on? That's a huge hassle and really not worth the amount of work. I assumed this would be possible since it was always in PhotoCart. Would be really nice if this could be added ASAP. Otherwise, I will just have to manually adjust their total I guess :-(
Richard Mardirosian
190 posts
Thu Oct 12, 17
8:35 PM
I agree this would be a helpful feature.
Rebecca Knowles
5 posts
Sun Oct 15, 17
6:34 PM
I just came over to find some information on how to do this as well, I assumed it would be available since it was in Photocart. I just upgraded from Photocart after 9 years, getting everything set up. I offer a 20% discount on anything else they purchase along with a collection. I'm really disappointed this option isn't in Sytist.
Shannon Holden
10 posts
Mon Oct 23, 17
11:43 AM
I would also like to add my vote for this feature to be added. I relied heavily on this option in Photocart. I have it set up as described in the links above in Sytist, but I've had clients add prints from the a la carte menu rather than the "add to package" option, which then charges them full price. Then I have to either rebuild their shopping cart for them or refund money. It is also very tedious to set up the many individual discounted options, especially if I want to change the percentage/price later.
Amy Lemaniak
14 posts
Mon Oct 23, 17
10:47 PM
Ditto, Rebecca!! I assumed that the same features from Photocart would be available in Sytist when I switched over. It's super disappointing that this wasn't pointed out as every one of my packages offers an a la carte discount. I honestly don't think I would've purchased it had I known this wasn't a feature :-(
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