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Feature Requests

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Tue Dec 20, 22 4:49 AM CST

If you have a feature request, do not post a new topic. Reply to this topic.

Here is the old feature request thread that was started in 2015.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Wed Dec 21, 22 6:21 PM CST

I'd love to see more ability to limit admin in the backend so employees are not privy to my financials etc.

Currently, limiting admin seems to go from SEE ALL THE THINGS or SEE NOTHING at all.

I'd love to have editors have access to galleries so they can upload their work to the right place, and later, print/pack people being able to download orders to print folders for me.

I've tried having them upload to "ALL PHOTOS" and then I move them later, but with multiple people and multiple galleries it gets pretty messy and I had to go back to me doing all the things myself.

To give gallery access at the moment means they see all my business and earnings/everything and I really cant have that.


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Wed Dec 21, 22 7:35 PM CST

Leanne that is incorrect. EDIT your admins and this is what they will see.

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Wed Dec 21, 22 8:48 PM CST

Not incorrect Vance, and this has been moved from another thread where many agreed with me - im just putting it where it belongs.  I have edited my admins and they can see too much of my backend.  I would hate to see this fresh new admin-thread rubbished with back-n-forths - discussion belongs in the regular forum, but thanks anyway.

This reply was deleted.
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Wed Dec 28, 22 10:08 AM CST

Would love to see a feature where we can sort in a gallery for someone's hearted favorites. I have a client that 'favorited" her images but I can't sort them. 

This feature doesn't seem to work. :(   I don't see a favorite setting in galleries.

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Edited Wed Dec 28, 22 10:09 AM by Alicia Williams
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Sun Jan 01, 23 11:42 AM CST

I use custom days a lot in the booking calendar, by extension I would love to see custom months option added that works with custom days.

For example, instead of just offering mondays and tuesdays (from custom days) I can now offer Mondays and Tuesdays April to Oct avoiding the winter months.

126 posts
Sun Jan 01, 23 11:59 AM CST

As an extension, and to deal with sunset varying between 4pm and 10pm here in the northern hemisphere adding the available time by month.

I currently deal with this by exclusion, I have to go into every single day and block out "sunset" times or "bad light" to make the times unavailable. This is a huge pain, often with errors and if I want to change something up, takes me hours and hours and impacts my other booking calendar services (including studio work).

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Sun Jan 01, 23 12:09 PM CST

Auto Create Invoices.

When people pay deposits, I often forget to invoice the rest of the session, which is a manual exercise (search through calendar, then find un-invoiced balances then create invoice).

In the booking calendar service, can we have an option to auto invoice the balance X many days before the session, with a Y many days payment due date?

126 posts
Sun Jan 01, 23 12:44 PM CST

Service price snippet.

On the booking calendar service, we have the snippet of code at the bottom that we can use to insert a book now button elsewhere on the website. I use it all the time and I think its great.

I would love a similar snippet of code to pull back the price of that service, so when it comes time to change prices around, it automatically updates all my informational pages rather than searching and potentially missing manually added entries.

34 posts
Mon Jan 02, 23 9:06 AM CST

I went to the link you posted - and it says "Topic Closed" - so I couldn't post there - here ok??

I would LOVE to see a few things added to the forms:
1. The ability to attach files (.jpg, .pdf specifically)
2. The ability for the form to calculate a payment and go straight to the payment gateway

3. The ability to use $ sign. When making my forms that have a dollar amount, you can't use the sign.

135 posts
Thu Jan 05, 23 7:44 AM CST
1) I would like to have inside a gallery in my admin area, a space where I can freely annotate text. like the notes which is on the admin home page.
often I would like to jot down details about that race

2) the STAT&SALES form within an event shows the total of shipments and gross receipts but there is no trace of the paypal, stripe, etc. commissions that have been paid and which are however reported in each individual order. it would be useful to have a net total and possibly also a box where we can add a cost for that event (e.g. sponsorship or contribution to the event)

3) in the admin tab you can add users with limited access but who see too much. I want to increase the number of internal photographers and do more sporting events on the same day, paying them a percentage of sales. it would be useful for each gallery / event to be associated with a user who can then check and send orders, without seeing my receipts.

135 posts
Thu Jan 12, 23 5:43 AM CST

integrate whatsapp business features

2 posts
Fri Jan 13, 23 10:27 AM CST

Hi Tim.

Let's make this happen this year. A crypto payment option for customers to choose. this will save some fees for us as the seller

263 posts
Tue Jan 17, 23 9:55 AM CST

I would love to see an option to add cost and expenses to a product or package and have this totaled in reports. It would save a lot of time being able to see how much I spent on lab costs and or expenses.

Bruce Pham • Forever Studio • School Pictures At Their Best
476 posts
Tue Jan 24, 23 12:36 PM CST

Wall Designer position lock:

Could you enhance the wall designer feature by letting us lock the size and position of saved collections for our customers?  

In other words, could we make pre-set wall designs for customers to pick from, and they can only choose the photos, not change the products?

Michael Leenheer   || My Sytist:
476 posts
Tue Jan 24, 23 12:40 PM CST
Lou S. wrote:

Hi Tim.

Let's make this happen this year. A crypto payment option for customers to choose. this will save some fees for us as the seller

For example, integration with NowPayments would work: 

Michael Leenheer   || My Sytist:
263 posts
Wed Feb 01, 23 2:42 AM CST

For future updates please look into the ability when writing an email we can add email addresses based on labels we designated to a clients.

Bruce Pham • Forever Studio • School Pictures At Their Best
112 posts
Wed Feb 01, 23 2:59 AM CST

It would be great to have the option to let other photographers upload their own photo's. Like contributors to a stock section for example. With or without being reviewed by an admin. Or customers upload for printing their own photos via my lab.

135 posts
Thu Feb 23, 23 8:13 AM CST
customer feedback form combined with orders, which I can then enable to view or not in a public page
135 posts
Thu Feb 23, 23 8:26 AM CST

- further dissect what can be done and seen in the admin area of our collaborators

- on/off button to view the daily and monthly earnings in the admin home
- new layout templates and lightboxes for viewing photo galleries and enlargements
- make the X more visible or simplify the exit from the photo enlargement lightbox. now in a large desktop screen stay away from everything in the upper right corner.
- additional fields for entering the address if there is a printout in the cart, so as not to ask everyone who buys downloads for it
- the biggest limitation now in my opinion is not being able to easily move groups of photos from one gallery to another, from one subfolder to another. the current solutions are theoretical and not feasible if we are talking about thousands of photos. the all photo section is in fact useless.
135 posts
Thu Feb 23, 23 8:45 AM CST

starting from a gallery, being able to "associate" it with other galleries selected by me, which will then in some way be suggested to the customer who sees the starting gallery.

example. if you look at the 3rd race of a specific championship, I'll remind you and show you the link to also look at the photos of the 1st and 2nd race.
it's different from making a category for each championship like you can do now
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Fri Feb 24, 23 10:43 AM CST

I would love to be able to search or filter orders by the products ordered. That way, I can find everyone who ordered a specific product at one time instead of having to search through every order to find them.

289 posts
Fri Feb 24, 23 12:29 PM CST
Timothy Turnmire wrote:

I would love to be able to search or filter orders by the products ordered. That way, I can find everyone who ordered a specific product at one time instead of having to search through every order to find them.

You can sort by column for the product in the CSV export if you open it in a spreadsheet program.

Edited Fri Feb 24, 23 1:00 PM by Trailboy
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