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Moving Section Structure

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Sat Aug 05, 23 8:41 PM CST

Is there a way to move now or in the future a structure of sub-categories to another (sub)gallery? Move Galleries > Dog Events- 2010 > to Galleries >Previous years-2010-2020 > while keeping the structure and photos underneath intact?

I have something like below created using a Client/Events section named Galleries with a system of sub-galleries for each year and each show within that year we photographed.

  Galleries (section) > Dog Events - 2010 > myshow1 - may-2010 >
     ___ Thursday Win Photos
               ---- Thursday classes
                         --- class 1, class2, etc.
      ---Thursday candids
               --- Thursday Sweeps Candids
                --- Thursday classes Candids
                --- Thursday BOB Candids

             ___ Friday Win Photos
                       ---- Friday class wins
                                     --- class 1, class2, etc.      
                  ---Friday candids
                         --- Friday Sweeps Candids
                         --- Friday classes Candids
                                 --- class 1, class2, etc.
                         --- Friday BOB Candids

16,196 posts (admin)
Mon Aug 07, 23 4:36 AM CST

It is not possible to do that and I don't know if it will be in the future. 

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
38 posts
Mon Aug 07, 23 12:45 PM CST

That's kind of what I was reading here on the forum and that's okay. 

I'm still learning the program basics and what can be moved where and how which generates questions sometimes.

16,196 posts (admin)
Mon Aug 07, 23 12:49 PM CST

Now you can change the category of a gallery by editing the gallery and changing the category option. 

In case you don't know you can create sub galleries within a gallery. So you would have your event as a gallery, then the days as sub galleries. 

You can create sub galleries manually by going to the Photos tab of the gallery. Or use the option "Upload Folders to Create Sub Galleries Option" when uploading photos. 

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
38 posts
Mon Aug 07, 23 2:42 PM CST

That's kind of what I figured out; that maybe I should make more subgalleries and less subcategories. I don't want to find out stuff that can't be adjusted or fixed easily after 150,000+ photos are uploaded and the workflow turns out cumbersome or hard to remember.

I like the feature of "Upload Folders to Create Sub Galleries Option" as I think it is really good and, also saves to s3. I need to convince the actual end user (not me) to set things up on their computer workflow to use that feature as it would save lots of time and aggravation/mistakes. So far I have not been successful :(

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