Photography Client Galleries, Booking Calendar, Contract Signing & More

All of these features in one system from your own website.

Client galleries for proofing and sales

Photo Proofing & Sales

Robust client galleries / proofing / photo sales system loaded with features you won't find anywhere else to sell prints & downloads. More details

Photography booking calendar

Booking Calendar

Create sessions / services that can be booked online with special features for Photographers. More details

Online contracts for photographers

Online Contracts

Signed by either writing their name with a mouse or finger on tablets and mobile devices or simply typed in. More details

View photos on a wall with the Wall Designer

Wall Designer

You and your customers can see their photos on the wall of a room and purchase. More details

Project Proofing for proofing albums

Project Proofing

Have your clients review album pages or designs with the options to approve, reject and request revisions. More details

Green screen proofing

Green Screen Proofing

Upload your photos as transparent png files and let your customers preview over different backgrounds. More details

Pretty galleries

Pretty Galleries

Many options in photo display style and option for full screen opening photos.

Design a photography website

Photography Website

Everything you need to create a complete website or install in a sub folder and just use the selling tools & features. More details

Sell downloads, services and products

Sell More Than Photos

Create a store to sell your services, physical products or downloads. You can also create and send invoices.

“The Sytist system is everything I was looking for and more!”
More Features


A registry (wedding registry for example) is a way for people to add money to someone's account (which turns into a credit for them) to purchase products & services from you.

eGift Cards

eGift cards are basically gift certificates that people can purchase to be emailed to someone else.

Mailing List

Collect email addresses during checkout, account creation, a form on a page or with a pop up form and integrate with MailChimp for email marketing.

Paid Access

This feature means someone would have to pay to view a gallery. With this option enabled, when someone goes to view the gallery, they will be prompt that they need to purchase access. Once they do, then they will have access to view the gallery.


Offer coupons that have variable discounts. Example, 10% off on orders up to $99.99, 15% on orders $100 - $199.99, 20% off on orders over $200.

Contact Forms

Create contact forms for your visitors to fill out and those results are emailed to you. Create the fields you want to show and have filled out with field options such as text fields, text areas, drop down menus, and check boxes.

Visitor Statistics

See how many visitors you have coming to your website, where they came from and how many page views in real time.

Sales & Expense Reports

Sytist has a system built in where you can enter in your expenses and place into a category or categories you create. You can also enter in expenses on your orders such as shipping or printing expenses.

Social Sharing

Enable social integration such as Facebook like, Pinterest, Twitter and more for your pages and individual photos.

Scheduled Payments

Create invoices where payments are scheduled over time to pay.

Gallery Owners

When you select a gallery owner, that customers can select to hide certain photos they may not want other people to see that visit their gallery.

Custom Order Statuses

By default you can archive & trash your orders, but you can also create your own order statuses to keep things organized.

Sytist demo

View The Demo

Take a look at the front end (what your visitors see) and back end (how it is managed) of Sytist in action.






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