School Photography Sales & Proofing

Sytist has many features that benefit school photographers, such as password protecting photos, pre-sell packages, green screen proofing and more. 

Password Protecting Student Photos

The most important thing with school photography is privacy & password protecting the photos of the students. You can't have just anyone viewing the photos and there are 2 different ways to do this, and which you choose depends on your workflow.  

Password Protecting Individual Photos in a Gallery (called Passcode Photos)

Using the Passcode Photos feature you can assign a password to individual photos. The same password can be used for multiple photos if the student has more than one photo. When using this feature, when someone visits the gallery there are no photos shown and the visitor is shown the Find My Photos form. They enter in their password then they are shown the photos associated with that password. 

To get the password with the photos, there are 3 different ways to do it. 

  1. Embed the password into the photo title before uploading
  2. Make the password part of the file name
  3. Upload a spreadsheet (CSV file) with image name, password. 

More details in the manual on how this works

Password Protected Sub Galleries

You can organize the photos into sub folders before uploading (each students' photos in its own folder), and then either add a text file into each folder that contains the password or create a spreadsheet (CSV file) that contains the passwords. You would upload the main folder of sub folders via FTP and have Sytist process the photos then assigning the password from the sub folder to the sub gallery. 

With this option you have the choice to display the sub galleries and when clicked ask for a password, or not display the list of sub galleries and just show the Find My Photos form to enter in the password for their sub gallery.

More details in the manual on password protecting sub galleries.


Sell photo packages before the photos are taken. You can either pre-sell the package and when the photos are available, have them come back and select the photos for the package, or just sell the packages without them ever having to select photos. 

More details in the manual on pre-orders

Green Screen Proofing

If you are shooting green screen, learn more about green screen proofing in Sytist here

If you have questions or don't see a feature listed you are looking for, contact us here.

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