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Email Problems - Hitting Maximum Limits Of Outward Emails On Server?

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Thu Nov 24, 22 5:20 AM CST
Hi Tim et al

I have come upon a problem with my hosting.

They appear to have introduced a 50 maximum per hour outward email limit on smtp phpmailer connections, which is what I use with sytist. Anything over 50 is queued to the next hour. They refuse to change it for me and have told me to go away.

This is going to cause me some serious problems, as we send out much more than that during busy periods for account verification, orders, gallery reminders etc. People aren't going to wait two hours for an account verification email without contacting me directly.

Has anybody else come across this problem with their hosting and have found a solution? We are using standard shared hosting, would a VPS perhaps not have a limit? Does your hosting provider restrict users to such low limits on outward emails?

I was thinking of setting up the chron jobs recently without knowing about this limit - glad I didn't bother now.

Are the email relay services like a google workspace account a possibility for use with Sytist? I think I have recently read on the forum about the problems using workspace for email sending and the problems of oAuth which (I believe) sytist is not compatible with. Do you have a timeline for that Tim if it is a problem? I know google have a limit on outward emails too, but is much higher than 50 per hour.

I'm based in the UK, so not much point in recommending a US host unfortunately.
Edited Thu Nov 24, 22 5:44 AM by Trailboy
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Thu Nov 24, 22 8:16 AM CST
Unfortunately this is a limit from your host, nothing Tim will be able to do, probably look for new host. It won't matter what E-mail client you use, if your host is limiting it, it is what it is.
Edited Thu Nov 24, 22 8:18 AM by Vance Birno
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Thu Nov 24, 22 8:21 AM CST
Hi Vance.

I know Tim can't do anything about my host arbitrarily limiting it (the buggers); I was just wondering if anybody else had had a similar experience from their sytist host or if they use an email relay.

Edited Thu Nov 24, 22 8:22 AM by Trailboy
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Thu Nov 24, 22 8:30 AM CST
No i do not have any limits, you could try using a G-mail account or mailchimp type email clients. That may or may not count against your limit, contact your host to see if that would work.
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Thu Nov 24, 22 10:44 AM CST
It would work, but paid for Google workspace accounts have limits ( of 2k per 24hr and I don't think Sytist is compatible with the authorisation anyway (

My host says that new spam control rules are being applied to many hosting servers in this country (UK) to control spam by restricting the physical amount of emails that can be sent.

If us sytist users can only use local email smtp accounts to send emails, this new ruling may mean many of us are going to have problems in the future. 50 per hour is nowhere near enough for me to be able to run my business.
Edited Thu Nov 24, 22 10:45 AM by Trailboy
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Thu Nov 24, 22 11:52 AM CST
Then the logical conclusion is move your site to a new host. Or make your own server, that's your only choices at this point.
Edited Thu Nov 24, 22 11:53 AM by Vance Birno
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Thu Nov 24, 22 2:47 PM CST
there were problems with google a few months ago for blocking the use of smtp on websites.
the solution is always within the google world, I'm using it, you have to enter the account in security and have google generate a password for an app you authorize. then go to sytist and put smtp with the password generated by gooogle (and not yours) and it works.
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Thu Nov 24, 22 3:04 PM CST
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Fri Nov 25, 22 4:51 AM CST
Either you will have to find a new host or search for a SMTP service and use the PHPMailer option in Settings -> Mail Sending Settings.

I have not used a SMTP service so I don't have one to recommend. Also they won't be free.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Fri Nov 25, 22 10:26 AM CST
That's the conclusion I have come to.

Ionos, previously 1&1 I think, were very good when I contacted them on the phone. They have a 2000 per hour limit.

Another project for the Summer next year. :(
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