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How Do I Do This For A Preorder (advanced Technique)

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Eric Leszkowicz
20 posts
Thu Oct 25, 18
8:50 AM
Here is what I want to do...where do I look to do this?
I want parents to preorder their child's picture for sports.
Parents have more than one child and way more than one sport.

I need them, when they log in, to give me
- student name
- sport
- school
- grad year
- etc

How can I do this?
- Form?
- Create a required package and force them to provide information? (is that possible)

Forms....I have figured out how to do the form, which is the logical choice BUT I can't figure out how once I add a form to product how to FORCE them to fill out the form.
Arron Robles
148 posts
Thu Oct 25, 18
10:22 AM
Eric. You will create a price list and with that price list you will add your fields you want the customer to fill out at checkout. You can make them required.

You don’t need them to fill out a separate form unless you want them to. Note any side forms other than the price list will not attach to the order on export.

I hope this is helpful.

Arron Robles, Solutions Designer | Reports Developer |A.P.Visions.com - arron@apvisions.com | PicturesPro Affiliate | Sytist V.3.1.0 |
Brian Crussel
111 posts
Thu Oct 25, 18
4:48 PM
I do this with my pre-orders with the Options on the Product Base. I have also done it with the Price Lists Additional fields at Checkout. You have the option in both places to make it required. I do not have any sports pre-orders currently active but here is a School Pre-Order with the required options on the products. https://ptps.com/order_online_108/school_pictures/battle_ground_middle_school_fall_2018/#photo=thumbs
Tim - PicturesPro.com
11185 posts
Fri Oct 26, 18
4:23 AM
This article goes over creating pre-orders and additional fields for the orders:
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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