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Cancel Automated Emails At Gallery Level

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Greg Beasley
Sun Feb 25, 18
8:29 AM
My scenario.
I had a relative of a bride ask me to repost an expired wedding gallery so that she alone can view and order. I have Cron set up. An automated expiration email went out to the 64 people attached to the gallery.

Can the cron job be cancelled or enabled at the gallery level? If not can this feature be added?
Edited Sun Feb 25, 18 8:38 AM by Greg Beasley
Paul M
Sun Feb 25, 18
12:24 PM
I would definitely like to see this feature too!
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Mon Feb 26, 18
6:53 AM
There is currently not an option for that.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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