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Hosting On Amazon Or Maybe Google?

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Pridhams Studio
Thu Feb 22, 18
9:32 AM
I have been reading as many of the posts as I can about using amazon to host/hold/store photos for sites.
I went to amazon and checked the rates and they seemed to be really, really, good.
Almost to good. The prices were so low that I feel compelled to ask around to others.
Right now I have about 39 GB on our site. Next year I would expect we will have even more up there.

When I went to Amazon they seemed to have numbers that were really low. Can I ask what some of you are paying and how large a quantity you have up there.

I saw in my research on this site that one member keeps all of their schools up "forever"
I cannot do this right time due to the excessive cost I would have to pay for the storage.

Some one else I know is using Google to store images...can Sytist use Google ?
M Davis
Thu Feb 22, 18
8:01 PM
I've been told about 80 Gig on Amazon S3 is about $6 per month.
M. Davis
Pridhams Studio
Fri Feb 23, 18
10:03 AM
Thanks M Davis
That seems so inexpensive. When I checked for myself I got a very low number as well. That is part of the reason I posted this.
This year my site costs doubled from $250CDN to $500CDN. This is due to the green screen stuff we are doing. The png's are larger than the jpg's.
I expect to need more space yet again next year. Right now my web page is at 90% of capacity and I don't like that.

If understand this correctly I will still require my website to be on "the server" it's on now but I will offload all(?) of the storage of these files to amazon?
There was one poster I read who kept all his or her schools online from past years. That is something I would like to start doing...keeping the past 3 or 4 years up. But with my current provider I would be doubling my costs every year.

Can anyone else chime in with some points?
I really want to take advantage of all that Sytist has to offer.
My biggest problem is that I am the only one in the company that evens begins to understand this stuff and that leaves me with no one to bounce ideas off of.
I read almost every post that goes on this board.
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