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Uploaded The Update - Site Now Broken

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Graham Warwick
Tue Feb 20, 18
5:00 AM
Hi, I uploaded the latest update onto my site www.warwickphotography.co.uk but now the frontend is broken, the backend is fine just the forward facing that I cannot view.

Help needed please as my website is down and I am unable to work out whats wrong.

Thanks in advance
Graham Warwick
Tue Feb 20, 18
6:21 AM
ok I have found that it was the 2.7.2 update that did this, i just re installed 2.6.0 and my site is working again.

I followed the same process with both updates, any idea why this one didnt work correctly?


M Davis
Tue Feb 20, 18
6:45 AM
Did you update the theme after the upgrade?
M. Davis
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