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Add Collection And Product To Collection??

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Sarah MacKenzie
107 posts
Mon Feb 19, 18
6:03 AM
I've found a work around for ordering class prints that can't be downloaded. I have made a collection with no products in it and added a text option so they can type what class they want printed.

I'd like to add this 'collection' to other collections containing prints. I only seem to be able to add collections OR prints, not one of each?

Tim - PicturesPro.com
10890 posts
Mon Feb 19, 18
9:14 AM
What you will have to do is create a collection selecting the "Including other collections" option then add both collections to that.

Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Sarah MacKenzie
107 posts
Mon Feb 19, 18
1:34 PM
Thanks Tim, when I do that I only have the option of adding collections, individual products aren’t available to add as well.
Sarah MacKenzie
107 posts
Mon Feb 19, 18
6:01 PM
A work around I've found is create a collection for each individual product I want to add to the group. I then add the collections to the main collection. This is a bit messy though and when adding photos to each collection it says "your collection is complete -view cart" even though there are still prints with no photo selected. The " Require all products to have photo selected." is checked.

It would be much simpler to allow combining collections and individual products into a collection. OR allow individual products to be ordered with NO image selected.

(This is all caused by the problem of needing to restrict downloads of the group photos but allowing prints orders.)

I need to do collections like this:
buy all digital downloads, 8x12 print, class print-print only, no download)

My class photo is in a passcode gallery with a seperate price list that has no items. To order the class print, they choose the class print collection and type the name of their class.

Open to ideas!!

Edited Mon Feb 19, 18 6:04 PM by Sarah MacKenzie
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