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Photo Lab Ordering Option

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Brandy Williams
Thu Feb 08, 18
2:03 PM

I believe I asked this last year but was wondering if you were going to be integrating a photo lab so that when customers place their orders they can be reviewed and then sent off to the lab instead of having to order the products ourselves, is that something that is still in the works? If so is there a time frame as to when that will happen and what company you might be working with ?
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Fri Feb 09, 18
8:41 AM
There is nothing currently in the works. I contacted Bay Photo about integrating with them, but they just gave me the runaround.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Bruce Pham
Fri Feb 09, 18
10:04 AM
Try Richmond Pro Lab, they are both low and high volume. I currently use them and their volume price is nice, 79 cents per sheet.
Bruce Pham • Forever Studio • School Pictures At Their Best
Michael Leenheer
Fri Feb 09, 18
5:12 PM
I work with a lab in Canada called Technicare, they are fairly large sized and have a great array of products. Not sure if they'd be interested but if you want to I can get you connected with their owner as I'm one of their larger clients.
Michael Leenheer | New Light Photography - SUB Photo
Sat Feb 10, 18
5:15 AM
How about just creating the print ready files, separated into folders according to print size?

At least then it remains valid internationally, as we will all want our favourite local labs integrated. Plus some run labs themselves.

The need to upload full Res files will probably not make this viable for me though.
Edited Sat Feb 10, 18 5:18 AM by Trailboy
William Spivak
Sat Feb 10, 18
1:07 PM
I use Bayphoto for 90% of my printing. Sad to see them not wanting to work with you on this.

I know so many other website/album companies all partner with Bayphoto, just not sure how they go about doing this.

It would be nice to see this intergated in the future.
William Spivak Owner/Photographer (484)746-3380 https://williamspivakphotography.com info@williamspivakphotography.com
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